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Office workspace in the Philippines has long been on its road to digitalization but certain companies are still on the verge of converting from the traditional way to the new platform.  One company has had a very specific challenge in coordinating room reservations and sending out payroll to their first line workers. Having scheduling conflict has always been the primary concern for this company when it comes to reserving rooms. For this reason, efficiency is being hindered due to the lack of space and idle time for the employees. Productivity, time and money is being compromised with this kind of setup.

Why Office 365?

Exchange Online as part of the Office 365 platform was invented to keep employees connected using the internet thru email communication. It provides companies the enterprise grade email service without the need to maintain and shed out capital investment to set up its infrastructure. Aside from this, rooms or resource mailboxes can be created without additional cost to manage calendar events and avoid conflicts in scheduling when reserving rooms or resources like equipment, cars, devices etc.


The company has now been using Office 365 to manage their resources by creating resource mailboxes with a calendar view in it and with this, conflicts in schedule has been lessen. Scheduling is made easy by just a few clicks using Exchange Online. Providing the copy of payroll slips is being done through email for transparency and future reference of the employees. Additional benefits include the use of Microsoft Teams and Yammer to cascade information within the company by simply posting announcements and rolling out updates thru small group chats and team channels in Microsoft Teams.

Office 365:


Retailers are now leveraging digital technologies to enhance the customer shopping experience and to improve their ability to exceed expectations and create a differentiating value proposition.

Digital technology can be used to increase not only the shopper’s convenience but also the owners of these businesses and workers’ efficiency. Let us look at this scenario about a retail company on how they have utilized Office 365 and how it created an edge for the company after shifting to the new platform.

Office 365:


Pharmaceutical companies play a central role in the digital revolution of healthcare. It’s a digital world, and pharmaceutical manufacturers recognize that digital technology adoption and innovation are essential for driving growth. But capturing this opportunity requires identifying the right initiatives to move. Find out how one these companies successfully transformed their processes thru Office 365.

Office 365:

Microsoft Azure

Disaster recovery has always been a strong point of cloud services. Some of the first cloud customers were banks and financial institutions that needed to have access to their data no matter what disaster struck. Azure provides much better disaster recovery options than most of the alternatives. Azure keeps your data safe by making redundant copies in multiple locations. You can manually choose the locations of your database backups but even if you do not, Azure will manage the security by default. Companies can even extend their Active Directory to Azure backups for uninterrupted services even if your main data site goes down.