The challenge for most enterprise and service providers these days is to provide their users a secure and independent locations in which they can have better control of resource access for their users. This is compounds as many users take measures themselves to find better ways to increase their own productivity by using the many different productivity solutions that is currently out in the market.

Many users are also shifting into the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend as many are find it more convenient than Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This causes a decrease in IT visibility as they cannot ensure that said devices are compliant to the security policies, giving more attack surfaces for cyber criminals to exploit.

PulseSecure solutions can help your organization address these problems with their secure access solutions, namely Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure.

Pulse Connect Secure

The benefits that organizations and users have gotten from new IT trends such as BYOD, mobility, and cloud services have been immense. However, it has also given security many problems on how to ensure that the company network and data stay secure and protected from outside threats. Pulse Connect Secure provides secure access to company resources and data to external users by intermediating the process. Only authenticated users will be able to access authorized resources through Pulse Connect Secure’s appliance through an extranet session. Below are a few ways in which Pulse Connect secure can solve some of today’s security disruptions:

How to secure corporate resources and maintain workforce mobility

With Pulse Secure Connect’s Zero trust connections, it ensures that your workforce’s devices are first authenticated, authorized and secure before they access your company resources or applications. With its multifactor authentication and host checker capabilities, you can ensure that the device authorized to connect to the network and is compliant to your security policies.

How to ensure a good user experience without compromising security

With Pulse Connect Secure’s per app VPN, you can make sure that your data will be protected while giving your IT team the granular control they need and to set policies on a per role basis to limit what each user can access.

How to keep secure amidst the growing BYOD trend

Pulse Connect Secure can integrate with many Enterprise Mobile Management (EMM) solutions to enhance policy enforcement. With Clientless access as well, you won’t need to install any thing on user devices to access web-based applications or VDI products.

Pulse Policy Secure

The modern network today is now experiencing a mass influx of devices that are connecting to it, this is due to BYOD now becoming more common as compared to IoT devices. This increases the risk of being compromised and gives attackers the opportunity to gain access to your network and company data. Pulse Policy Secure provides your company complete visibility and Network Access Control (NAC) for every endpoint regardless of their location, giving them the ability to enforce endpoint security compliance and zero trust security. Below are a few ways in which Pulse Policy secure can help your organization:

Limited IT visibility for devices on the network

Pulse Policy Secure can automatically classify devices through its wide database of unique digital fingerprinting. Beyond this, it can also identify and enable automatic and custom classification of managed and unmanaged devices dynamically. It can then build a behavioral profile of the devices and see if any anomalous activities are happening on that endpoint.

Securing IoT devices in the IT environment

With Pulse Policy Secure, you will be able to discover managed and unmanaged devices and profile them to specific access policies. This lessens the risks of having malicious threats moving laterally through your network and makes sure that compliance is being followed.

Preventing unauthorized access from BYOD devices

Be able to provide guest users with a self-service portal with a customizable interface which is highly scalable for enterprise use. Employee devices can also quickly connect to the network securely with self-service onboarding, lessening the need for IT intervention.

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