Microsoft Azure Services

Azure is a multitude of different integrated cloud services which aims to help developers and IT professionals build, deploy and manage applications without them needing to do the heavy investment for infrastructure.  With Azure and CT Link’s guidance, be able to build and deploy your projects while using the tools, applications and framework of your choice while we take care of the infrastructure requirements.  Below are a few of the Hybrid Cloud and Pure cloud services we can provide you and your company:

Hybrid Cloud Solution

AD Extension –  We help extend your network architecture and replicate ADDS functionality in Cloud and reduce the latency in authentication requests from your cloud applications.

Disaster Recovery Service – We use Azure to create a DR site to help you recover faster from unforeseen events that may cause your company’s business operations to halt or when you lose large amounts of data.

Backup Solution – We can provide a cost-effective backup as a service (BaaS) solution which provides you trusted tools on premise with rich and powerful tools in the cloud

Pure Cloud Infrastructure

Application Hosting – Through Azure App Service, we can provide you a Platform-as-a-Servce (PaaS) in which you can host your Web or Mobile apps on the cloud.

XenApp Essentials – A collaboration between Microsoft and Citrix to replace Azure RemoteApp, we can help you integrate this application virtualization and delivery service to your business operations.

ERP Solution – We can integrate cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) into your business applications when you move to the cloud so as to improve overall efficiency in your business processes and decision making.

Test Environment – We can help you create consistent development and test environments on your terms through a scalable, on-demand infrastructure which can be deployed quickly if need be.

VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) – We can provision and deliver workloads on Microsoft Azure cloud platform, reducing overall IT costs and increasing efficiency, or choose to deploy VDI with Citrix Cloud services on Microsoft Azure.

Managed Services

We provide as managed services as well for Microsoft Azure to help our customers who want to concentrate on other IT tasks while having the confidence of having somebody take care of Azure.  Below are a few things we can provide to your company:

  • Advisories for when security patches are released by the respective systems software vendor
  • Proactively provide advice when need to adjust systems parameters to maintain optimum performance within the parameters specified above
  • submit monthly reports based on statistics available from the cloud service platform
  • monitor the health of the service