Office 365 Migration Implementation

As a cloud productivity suite, Microsoft Office 365 boasts an improved collaboration and efficiency between you and your team members.  With our Microsoft expertise, we at CT Link Systems, Inc. are confident that we can guide you every step of the way through your journey.  From initial proof of concept to user training, we will make sure that you obtain maximum benefits for your purchase.  Below are some the services that we can help your company implement when moving to Office 365:


eMail has become such a critical communication tool in businesses today that the availability of this service is of utmost importance in ensuring that business operations are running smoothly and efficiently. Organizations that rely on their eMail service and want it to be accessible anytime, anywhere, should consider the Exchange Online Service on Office 365.

CT Link Systems, Inc. has successfully migrated the following eMail Servers of clients to Exchange Online Service on Office 365:

  • Exchange Server 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Opensource Linux-based email systems such as Postfix
  • Zimbra
  • Hosted email from various providers
  • Lotus Notes
  • Free email service such as
  • Google Mail

We can also provide this migration service with confidence for other eMail servers not listed above.  In addition to eMail server migration, we also assist clients in integrating their on-premise active directory to Office 365.  Most importantly, we plan out the migration in such a way that there is no loss of emails and no downtime during migration.

Skype for Business

Skype is easy to set up and use.  CT Link Systems, Inc. goes beyond the basics and configures this tool to allow customers to maximize the benefits of this tool. We help customers configure and understand the following tasks and services:

  • Set up audit trails
  • Minimize bandwidth where possible
  • Manage others settings for Skype for Business
  • Set up Domain and DNS connections


OneDrive is a great tool in Office 365 that customers do not fully utilize. We help customers understand the tool and help them maximize the usage. Major concerns with the use of OneDrive include increased internet bandwidth requirement and the ability to monitor the access of data. With OneDrive, you will be able to monitor who has made changes to documents and event monitor the downloads of the file.  CT Link has other tools that can be used to make the implementation successful.


Yammer is a corporate social networking tool used to share private information within an organization. CT Link helps customers set up Yammer by working with the Sales or Human Resources Division in planning out the adoption of this tool organization-wide.

Managed Services

After customers have successfully moved to Office 365, CT Link does not stop in providing that extra helping hand. Below are some of our proactive services that we can provide your business:

Centralized Control (Management): We help you apply settings, configurations, and security in batches to your end users.

Auditing: All administrative activities can be logged, reported, and alerted and made viewable through a central console.

Reporting: We can help you analyze and audit the usage, content lifecycle, and user activities through a submission of customizable reports.

Policy Enforcement: We can enforce a stricter level of permissions for users when accessing and sharing SharePoint Online sites and OneDrive for Business content.

Configuration Changes: Quickly identify assets and implement changes to configurations or security in bulk.