Cloud Delivered SD-WAN as a Service


VeloCloud Networks, Inc. is a cloud networking services company headquartered in Mountain View, California, which aims to improve WAN networking and to assure enterprise & cloud application performance over Internet and hybrid WAN, while simplifying & automating deployments and reducing costs. Being the country’s first partner of this multi-awarded SD-WAN solution, CT Link can guide you through the process which include the following steps below:

Pre-deployment – We first identify the locations of the head office and branches to set the network diagrams and parameters.  This is the initial preparation to set up the configuration of the VeloCloud device which will be sent to each location.


Deployment – The configured VeloCloud appliance will be sent to the client’s head office and its branches in which the appliance only needs to be attached to the network to activate.


Testing – Post deployment testing and checking of VeloCloud’s performance of the following determined parameters: Detection of internet connections and application settings, WAN Link optimization, correct receiving of the business policies and configuration settings, etc.


Managed Services

We do not stop at just installation and deployment, we also make sure that your systems are being used at its optimal capacity and is running smoothly with as little errors through our following managed services:

Incident and Problem Management – We proactively monitor your systems to lessen incident and issues to avoid interruptions of our service.  Event status reports will be submitted to the client for the issue encountered and how it was resolved.


Access and Configuration Management – Submission of utilization reports (daily, weekly or monthly) to the client to inform them how the system is being used and to see if the system is being used to its maximum capacity if not we can recommend and execute the adjustments for you.


Request Fulfillment – Requests to block certain apps such as Facebook or prioritizing other apps so that more bandwidth is allocated to it can be done by us if needed.


Continuous Service Improvement – We strive to make sure that your business solutions are always the best in place, we will make sure that when new updates are available (such as firmware, security or network) we will have them updated with little to no interruption to your operations.