Office 365

Increase Your Business Productivity

Productivity is something that most businesses, if not all, want to maximize for their workforce.  However, to know if something is actually increasing one’s productivity, you should ask yourself: is this making my job easier? Microsoft has heavily invested on having this concept placed into Office 365 to make sure that you see increased productivity within your workforce.  Whether it is an administrative work writing a letter on Word, or a sales and marketing person making a proposal, Office 365 takes away the impeding aspect of technology to allow you to focus more on the job and increase productivity.

Access Your Files Anywhere

For businesses that are expanding or for people constantly on the go, being able to access enterprise data from the internet is a big advantage.  With Office 365, accessing your most updated files only needs you to have a computer/laptop or smart device connected to the internet.  You will be able to monitor who has edited your documents, as well as load previous versions of the document.  With Office 365 SharePoint Online feature, you can appoint who can edit or download files so that you can be assured of confidentiality, making sure your files are secure.

Work With What You’re Familiar With

With the advent of cloud technology, Microsoft has made it possible to now seamlessly work with your office applications. With Office 365, you won’t need to learn new interfaces. You’ll work with all the Office products you know and love with the bonus of cloud functions.  An example of this would be the seamless connection of SharePoint and the Office applications.  You can fire up Word, check out a document stored in SharePoint, make some changes, check it back in, review versions, and even leave some notes for your colleagues.

Reliable Security and IT Efficiency

With Microsoft taking the responsibility for security, your IT team can concentrate more on many other different tasks. With majority of IT related issues being user error, administrators will be able to solve and control errors and functions remotely while having a simple interface.



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