Office 365 Migration Service

Email has always been an integral part of business since its inception.  Its use has consistently grown over the past 5 years according to a recent study. According to the study, a business user in 2020 sends 127 email per day. This is why companies need a flexible email server and application, which products like Office 365 provide. However, migrating your older system can be a daunting task due to complexity and business costs that comes with it.  This is where we at CT Link can help you alleviate that stress. We do this through our Office 365 migration service framework below:

Check existing infrastructure

A thorough inspection of the current infrastructure is the first step. Getting a general idea of how your infrastructure works will help during the designing process. This is where our team will closely work together with your IT to cleanup bloat accounts and decide new additions.

Configure new mail infrastructure

We then move on to designing the new infrastructure based on the requirements set from the first step. Balancing existing resources with the new requirements are key to making a successful design. We submit to you are recommendation based on our findings during this process. Usually it comes with the basic migration options available to you and another with optional solutions.

Setup Office 365 mail migration

A pilot test is then run to test the migration process before live migration. This is to ensure that no major issue disrupts the business. When the client approves the results of the test pilot, we start the migration.

Implementation of email security /compliance policies

The next step would be to implement your security and compliance policies in parallel to the migration. We work closely with your team to find the right policies in Office 365 that is best for your infrastructure. We can also recommend complementary security solution options you can take incase the basic security options are not enough.

Monitor email performance

Once the migration and security policies are running on the live server, we continuously monitor it. This is done to resolve issues that were not found in the pilot but occurred during the live migration.

Knowledge transfer to admins

A knowledge transfer to your team is the last step in the service framework. Giving your team the necessary skills to run your new email infrastructure is key to maintaining performance. Any issues that are beyond your teams capabilities can be forwarded to us in the case of emergencies.