Solutions By Industry

CT Link has worked with various of companies in different industries to help improve their current IT infrastructure and operations. Learn more about how we can help you by checking your industry use cases below:


Learn how other manufacturing companies improved their resource management, security and centralized application virtualization management.


Learn how some in the retail industry in the Philippines were able to enhance their online customer experience and worker efficiency while lowering IT cost.


With the evolving landscape of the Banking industry, it is harder now to make sure that information is being secured and transmitted to the different branch locations. Learn how we can help you with our solutions.


Security has always been important in the healthcare industry, patient data has to be confidential while still accessible at a moment’s notice.  With IoT and BYOD, learn how some in the healthcare industry in the Philippines were able to keep data secure while maintaining accessibility. 


The main challenge on education was providing professors and students with remote access to their curriculum, data and applications to enable on-demand, flexible learning.


Users in the logistics industry have been more frequently using their own devices to engage in company activities or apps, learn how our solutions can help the BYOD culture be simpler and secure.


In the Construction industry, your site location are always changing, this makes it hard to ensure that off-site locations can always access their business critical applications. Learn how our solutions can help you do just that.


The utility industry usually has a decentralized IT infrastructure due to the slow or intermittent internet connection. Learn how your company can solve through our solutions.