Simplify and Collaborate your Work with ShareFile!

Simplify and Collaborate your Work with ShareFile!

2017 was a transformative year for Citrix ShareFile. ShareFile helped companies (and continuous to) with their cloud journey by creating efficiency in their work by allowing users to collaborate in the digital workspace from anywhere.  Even after helping many companies with their collaboration, they continued to improve ShareFile; they added additional features earlier this year such as Information Rights Management to create a better tool for their customers.  However, they aren’t finished with their improvements as they have just released the following additional features to ShareFile:

Data Migration Service

A service that offers to help customers migrate their data from legacy file servers and other data sources in to ShareFile.  This service provides a frictionless experience for customers who want to set up with ShareFile while getting all their data in one environment as simply as possible.

Custom Workflows

ShareFile Custom Workflows streamline and automate the repeated, time-consuming, manual document-centric processes that customers face each day. This solution enables customers to combine mobile forms, triggers, and actions into a tailored, automated workflow that benefits both IT administrators and everyday users, including the mobile workforce. The latest updates bring this functionality to mobile devices and Custom Workflows now supports on-premises zones.

Microsoft Integrations

ShareFile is the perfect complement to Microsoft Office.  ShareFile for Outlook — a new Microsoft Outlook add-on — brings ShareFile functionality to Outlook for Mac and Outlook Online (Office 365, Outlook Web Access, and users. Customers using on-premises StorageZones can now take advantage of native Office mobile app integrations and offer collaborative web editing, thanks to our integration with Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS).

ShareFile also enhances Office365 investments by providing electronic signatures, co-editing, supporting hosted desktop solutions, supporting external collaboration, direct integration with OneDrive for Business and other data sources, so users can access all their data from one environment. Collaboration can happen in one environment and data is available anywhere, on any device, at any time with direct integration with Microsoft Teams.

To learn more about ShareFile and other Citrix products, visit our product page or you can contact us at 893-9515 for more details.

Arup: Engineering Firm Transfers Files Worldwide with Citrix ShareFile

Arup: Engineering Firm Transfers Files Worldwide with Citrix ShareFile

Arup Group Ltd. is a multinational professional services firm headquartered in London, U.K., which provides engineering, design, planning, project management and consulting services for all aspects of the built environment. The firm has over 13,000 staff based in 92 offices across 42 countries and has participated in projects in over 160 countries.

The Challenge

Transferring their work to their clients all across the globe.  Sending Digital Models, Documents and CAB files from their custom built transfer system (which was capable of handling files of up to 2GB) proved to be inadequate as the years went as the size and amount of files needed increased.  Longer upload speed and download speed frustrated both employees and their clients.  This caused 60% of their employees to start using personal file transfer services, however these 3rd party services lacked effective security and control.

The Solution

Arup looked at many file based sharing solutions, but they ultimately chose to go with Citrix ShareFile Enterprise.  The simplicity of sending files of any size and the ShareFile Microsoft Outlook Plug-in which allows for file sending within the email client for optimal use and convenience were big factors in their decision.  Not only did this solution give them a better way for file sharing, but it also helped increase their employee agility by securing the access of files from their mobile devices.  Also by setting up multiple storage zones in each region to serve as local storage, it helped increase the speed of sharing to the point that their employees now use it for any file over 5 MB.

The Key Benefits

Below are the key benefits that Arup experienced when they adopted Citrix ShareFile

  • Increased Productivity by accelerating workflows
  • Improved client service through more effective file sharing
  • Secured and controlled shared files

Arup is still expanding its ShareFile Implementation and plans on introducing mobile functionality soon while already viewing Citrix as one of its key technology partners.