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4 Benefits Of Cisco Meraki

4 Benefits Of Cisco Meraki
4 Benefits Of Cisco Meraki

What are the benefits of Cisco Meraki?

  1. Simplified management
  2. Scalability
  3. Workforce support
  4. Safe and secure environments

The changing demands for businesses have increased the need for more advanced IT solutions. In addition to that, cyber threats are becoming more deadly and problematic. How can you effectively manage and secure your business network without too much complexity? Simplicity, scalability, reliability, and security—these are some of the things that Cisco Meraki cloud-managed IT solutions can offer. Read on for the benefits of Cisco Meraki!

What is Cisco Meraki?

Cisco Meraki offers centralized cloud solutions and other products so users can manage all network devices through one safe and easy-to-use platform. Their products have been implemented in a wide variety of industries such as education, manufacturing, healthcare, government, retail, hospitality, financial services, and even small businesses.

Simplified Management

One of the perks of using Cisco Meraki products is the simple and easy management they can provide users. You can control and monitor routers, switches, and security devices from a single pane—which is the Meraki dashboard. But aside from managing devices, they can also be used by your IT team to oversee network permissions, users, network analytics, and more.

The centralized management feature can significantly reduce the management burden for your IT Team. Cloud management is possible from any location, so your team can work remotely—which makes the number of on-site visits low. Cisco Meraki also provides automatic firmware updates, patches, and the like, on a regular basis. With these benefits, your team can focus on other tasks while benefiting from an up-to-date cloud platform.

Other than that, Cisco Meraki allows administrators to view the entire WiFi network and restrict sites and applications as needed. One platform will allow you to control and manage operations from anywhere.


Scalability is one of the factors why more and more businesses are moving their workloads to the cloud. From a business standpoint, this allows an organization to quickly grow and adapt to meet changing demands. This enables them to maintain a competitive edge in their industry.

Cisco Meraki gives your business the opportunity to scale up in order to respond to changing needs. The good thing is their products can be conveniently added, removed, and moved according to your situation. For a growing company, their solutions can be implemented in order to speedily add capacity and comply with demands.

This is one of the reasons why Cisco Meraki products are perfect for all types of organizations. They can solve a number of IT-related issues through cloud controllers, enterprise management, cloud security, and many more. These solutions are adaptable and configurable to your business’ needs for better efficiency and productivity.

Workforce Support

With the recent pandemic, social distancing and remote work have become the norm for most companies. With employees working in the office and at home, you need an IT solution that can provide centralized visibility and widespread access.

Cisco Meraki can be utilized for both remote or a hybrid workforce. It helps employees have a secure and consistent work experience, whether they’re in the office or at home. They can collaborate and access business applications no matter where they are.

Cisco Meraki can also provide a better IT cloud platform for workers. They offer next-generation WiFi, SD-WAN, and switching technologies. This gives 100% connectivity and a seamless experience for users.

Aside from these features, applications and devices can also be secured whether your employees are in the office or at home. You can allow the use of personal devices because Cisco Meraki enables device monitoring and location tagging to receive important information on device health and security.

Safe And Secure Environments

When migrating to the cloud, one of the main concerns for organizations is security. To prevent data loss, Cisco Meraki offers state-of-the-art solutions. These security capabilities are analyzed and developed by the world-renowned security research team—Cisco Talos.

From basic firewalls, VPN connectivity, or advanced security solutions—Cisco Meraki’s security options can match an organization’s specific needs. Both on-premises and cloud data will benefit from world-class security.

To help your IT team oversee security events, they can use the Meraki dashboard for monitoring threats. This allows them to secure people, devices, and assets from one platform.

Features like the Cisco Meraki Air Marshal can provide real-time wireless intrusion prevention and forensics for users. This scans the environment for real-time threats and implements preemptive actions according to configured preferences. The built-in forensics tools can provide thorough analysis after the initial threat assessments. You will be notified of any potential threats via email and SMS and you can also customize real-time alerts depending on your situation.

Key Takeaway

Cisco Meraki has numerous features to offer your organization. From security, reliability, simplified management, scalability, and more—the benefits of Cisco Meraki are many. If you want an easy and secure way to manage your workloads in a hybrid or remote work environment, their technologies can help you do so.

Are you interested in Cisco Meraki? You can send a message here at CT Link so we can help you find the solution that matches, scales, and adapts to your organization’s ever-changing requirements.

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