Benefits Of VMware Carbon Black Solutions For Your Business

Benefits Of VMware Carbon Black Solutions For Your Business
Benefits Of VMware Carbon Black Solutions For Your Business

VMware Carbon Black offers solutions that can make your security team’s workflow more efficient and provide endpoint protection that adapts to your needs. Other than that, you will also benefit from application control and extended detection and response. Keep on reading to know the benefits of VMware Carbon Black solutions for your business.

VMware provides software solutions such as app modernization, cloud, networking and security, and digital workspace. An organization that was founded in 1998, they have helped a wide range of industries such as banking, healthcare, government, retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, and transportation through technological innovations. They’re part of Forbes’ The Just 100 2021, ranking number 57 on the list of companies leading the new era of responsible capitalism.

In this article, you will learn about VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint, Cloud Workload, App Control, and EDR.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Endpoint is a next-generation antivirus (NGAV) and behavioral end detection and response (EDR) solution. It’s capable of protecting your company from advanced cyberattacks. Through the easy-to-manage cloud-native endpoint protection platform, you can access the combined features of prevention and automated detection.

To do this, this next-generation antivirus can provide multiple protection layers to analyze endpoint activity and stop malicious behaviors. This is done through file reputation, heuristics, machine learning, and behavioral models. You can also tailor the behavioral prevention policies depending on your company’s needs.

With the VMware Carbon Black Endpoint solution, you can save money and time in trying to get to the bottom of an incident and responding to attacks. It can provide prioritized alerts, visibility to the entire attack chain, and endpoint activity analysis. You can also stay informed on the latest attacks and updates through the VMware Threat Analysis Unit.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload

The VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload is an advanced workload protection solution for modern data centers. It’s necessary nowadays when companies are moving towards cloud transformation and application modernization.

With this solution from VMware, you can reduce the attack surface of your workloads and strengthen your security posture. It’s suitable for modern workloads operating on virtualized, private, and hybrid cloud environments.

VMware Carbon Black Cloud Workload can help your security team automatically secure workloads and simplify operations. With this software, they can monitor high-risk vulnerabilities across environments. By running ongoing assessments, they are able to track IT hygiene over time.

With increased visibility, analyzing attacker behavior and pattern, as well as stopping new attacks has been made easier. Your team can also detect attacks that get through the perimeter defenses and address them quickly before it escalates into a data breach. With advanced workload protection, you can simplify operations and reduce having multiple security tools.

VMware Carbon Black App Control

VMware Carbon Black App Control can provide three benefits to your organization — extreme protection, continuous compliance, and high performance. It is the perfect solution if you have data centers or critical systems that can be targeted because of valuable data.

This solution utilizes a ‘default deny’ approach, which simply means that everything is denied until you specifically allow them. By doing this, the VMware Carbon Black App Control can reduce the attack surface to your data centers and critical systems.

Through the process of locking down critical systems and servers, you can prevent unwanted changes to your applications and files. This helps you stop malware and non-malware attacks.

Aside from these features, VMware Carbon Black App Control also has security features to detect behavioral indicators of malicious activity. It also has application control, file integrity monitoring, full-featured device control, and memory protection.

VMware Carbon Black EDR

VMware Carbon Black EDR (endpoint detection and response) is a must-have solution for on-premises threat hunting and incident response. This can make it easier for your security and IT team to have more visibility of suspicious activities and investigate incidents.

This VMware solution provides continuous visibility by recording and storing endpoint activity data to help your security team hunt threats in real-time. This is also beneficial when investigating incidents. Identifying root causes is quicker because of the provided intuitive attack chain visualization.

When threats are detected, your security team can perform a rapid response to contain them, repair any problems, and continue uptime for your business. Through the Live Response feature, they can also perform remote investigations, remediate threats, and contain ongoing incidents.

Key Takeaway

Your files and applications are important for your business. But attacks can happen anytime, which can affect your operations, leak your business data, and more. That’s why it’s essential to be proactive in protecting your critical systems and data by choosing VMware’s Carbon Black solutions. These make it easier for your security team to detect threats and respond to them as soon as possible.

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