Citrix DaaS: Your Edge for Remote Work Solutions

<strong>Citrix DaaS: Your Edge for Remote Work Solutions</strong>
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Businesses can’t deny the advantages of desktop as a service (DaaS). This was especially so in the past few years where remote work has grown in popularity. DaaS provides businesses with ways to streamline maintenance and increase security while allowing users to be productive on any device. However, this comes with increasing the complexity of workloads and making it harder manage without investing significant manpower into it. With how much is at stake, investing into the right kind of DaaS provider can help your business in the long run.

This is where Citrix DaaS can help your business. As a high-performance virtualization solution, it allows your users a seamless experience while working with the added benefit of a simple way to manage it. It also ensures that that businesses are ready for the future with its wide variety of desktop and app options. Below are a few benefits that the Citrix DaaS solution can bring your business:

Promoting Productivity

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Employees that are working from home, in the field, or at the office, all need reliable access to the corporate resources. Citrix desktop and app virtualization solutions ensure employees have instant, consistent access to corporate resources and apps using any device and network. Whether you need a Windows or Linux virtual desktop, Citrix allows businesses a fully customized experience that will give even the most demanding users a high-definition experience. This even includes users who are assigned in various locations far away from the datacenter or users with unreliable internet connections.

Enabling Users Regardless of Location

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Businesses need to consider ways to become more agile when it comes to secure remote access. This was shown in recent years when businesses were forced to adapt to remote work when offices could no longer be opened for a while. This was an eye opener for many as they needed to adapt quickly to keep the business afloat. With Citrix DaaS, businesses can easily adapt to the changing needs of an increasingly flexible workforce. It allows business to quickly set up desktops to support their users wherever they are with any device while allowing the flexibility to turn them down once they are no longer in use.

Securing Sensitive Data

Citrix Desktop as a Service data

Users are increasingly using multiple devices to perform their work. This means that more access points into your network are being introduced and not properly secured. Traditional security strategies are not equipped to handle these new security risks. This is why in a recent survey from Forrester, 7 out of 10 companies have reported that they have fallen victim to successful endpoint attacks. With Citrix’s robust management and monitoring tools, businesses can be better equipped to protect critical data from evolving threats. Through Citrix, businesses can secure data by providing the right level of access based on each employee’s location, device, and other factors. The Citrix DaaS solution also ensure your data is not stored on endpoint, allowing no exfiltration in case of stolen device.

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