Citrix Endpoint Management Use Case


Supporting corporate-issued devices for mobile users in the past has been an issue. And, like many other IT organizations, user’s needs have been changing over the time. Mostly, all of users from a logistics industry has been bringing their own devices and engaging these in their company policies was the vision of the logistics’ IT. In order to stay ahead of the technology curve, central management of corporate-issued devices to personnel while also supporting BYOD, Citrix Endpoint Management may be the best MDM solution for this. Considering its easy administration since it only requires minimal management. 

Role-based configuration of policies and apps.

Publishing Apps business apps to groups in a uniform way, as well as easily pre-configure VPN, email, regional WiFi configurations and other applications

Good end-user experience.

Users experiences the devices’ features and apps as they were intended. And not sandboxing their personal applications, especially to users-owned devices.

Protection from device loss/theft.

Device was lost or stolen we needed to be able to wipe it remotely, so confidential information will not be compromised.

Cloud-based solution

Citrix provides a common platform to manage Citrix Cloud services, including Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops and the Citrix Endpoint Management.

Reduced IT Time

Citrix Endpoint Management offloads upgrades and many operational management tasks, reducing IT time spent on operations

Location Tracking

CEM tracks all the device’s location after customers’ send the locate request. It would report the last known location of the device when the GPS is on and may automatically execute actions as configured on the location policy.