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Citrix Announces NetScaler Secure Web Gateway Solution in NetScaler 12.0

Enterprises now are facing more and more attacks on their security from web sessions caused by their employees visiting compromised or malicious websites.  Which in turn can lead to malware or botnet installations, data theft and event ransomware infections on your network.  Even with web encryptions helping to keep things safer, there are now cases in which encryptions are being used to hide malware within your encrypted traffic.  Encryption also means less visibility and control.

Introducing the latest solution from Citrix’s NetScaler Security portfolio: NetScaler Secure Web Gateway (NetScaler SWG).

NetScaler SWG Capabilities:

Business Benefits for Security Operations Teams:

Organizations can Reduce their Business Risk and Increase Employee Productivityby protecting their employees against cyber security threats like phishing, and malware threats.

Organizations can Ensure Corporate and Regulatory Policy Compliance.

Organizations can Increase their Operational Efficiency by using singe pane of glass view for real-time visibility, analytics, and reporting.

Learn more on Netscaler and other Citrix Products from our Product page.

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