Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN

VeloCloud is a new and Innovative cloud-delivered SD-WAN solution to help your company cut costs while achieving more with your internet connections.   To know how VeloCloud improves your business, first we have to talk about SD-WAN.

What is SD-WAN and how does it help your business?

SD-WAN as compared to traditional WAN can be characterized by the following traits

  • Supports multiple connection types
  • Dynamic path selection
  • A simple interface for managing WAN
  • And supports VPNs

With traditional WAN, you would use MPLS links which are more reliable than DSL links but cost much more.  However, with SD-WAN, you would be able to forgo with MPLS links for multiple DSL Links or a hybrid of both MPLS and DSL to achieve a more optimal performance.  Dynamic path selection would allow for load sharing across your WAN connections rather than the traditional of when one is in use the other will be idle.

With a simple interface, setting up the system per branch should not be as complicated as before.  The installation should be as easy as setting up your own WiFi in your home while not needing much supervision from your IT personnel which lets them do more for your business.  SD-WAN helps keep your VPN more secure while also helping increase its connectivity speed as if you were still in the office rather than out in the field.

As a Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN™ Solution, VeloCloud will be able to help your business

  • Managing costs
  • Decreasing network complexity
  • Increasing flexibility and performance


To learn more on how VeloCloud and CT Link can help improve your connectivity, please visit our VeloCloud Product Page or contact us at 893-9515 and we will be happy to answer your inquiries!