CT Link Returns to FEED: A Day of Tree Planting and Art Appreciation

CT Link Returns to FEED: A Day of Tree Planting and Art Appreciation

In continuation of our commitment to environmental sustainability and community engagement, CT Link has once again visited on Fostering Education & Environment, Inc. (FEED) last April 20, 2024. Our team gathered early in the morning at our office for a special trip to Laguna to continue our tree-planting efforts from last year.

Once we arrived at the venue, we were once again given a quick orientation on the updates of the FEED program. Our team then did a quick stretching exercise before our long hike to once again plant new saplings in the forest. Together, we were humbled to know that we were helping a great cause of growth and sustainability for our local environment.

After the tree planting, we returned to the orientation area where FEED graciously hosted us for a delicious lunch, fostering camaraderie and appreciation among the participants.

In recognition of our continuous support, FEED presented CT Link with a certification of appreciation, affirming our dedication to this impactful initiative.

Following our enriching day at FEED, we extended our cultural appreciation journey with a visit to Art In Island, an interactive art exhibition in Cubao, Quezon City. This immersive experience allowed our employees to engage with and appreciate art in innovative and interactive ways.

CT Link remains committed to fostering meaningful relationships with organizations like FEED and creating opportunities for our employees to connect, contribute, and appreciate the beauty of our surroundings and culture.

Stay tuned for more updates on our CSR initiatives as we continue to strive for a more sustainable and socially responsible future. Together, let’s keep planting seeds of change and nurturing a brighter tomorrow.