CT Link Family’s Summer Getaway at Villa Elisa!

CT Link Family’s Summer Getaway at Villa Elisa!

This year’s summer heat was particularly relentless, and what better way to cool off than with an epic beach outing? The CT Link family was treated to an unforgettable escape to Villa Elisa in Botolan, Zambales! Our team enjoyed a beach trip like no other, complete with private villas boasting stunning accommodations.

The beach scenery at Villa Elisa was breathtaking, offering a private retreat where everyone could relax and unwind. For those not keen on swimming in the ocean, private pools just outside the villas provided a perfect alternative for chilling out without worrying about the waves.

But the fun didn’t stop there! CT Link organized a series of exciting games that brought out everyone’s competitive spirit. Teams battled it out, and in the end, everyone emerged victorious with at least one win under their belts. The day was capped off with a fabulous dinner and an award ceremony celebrating our game champions.

The night was alive with bonding activities. Some colleagues played billiards, others had a blast with table tennis, and many sang their hearts out with karaoke. Simultaneously, some enjoyed night swims in the pool while others grilled and shared stories over drinks.

Our summer outing concluded the next morning with more activities for the early risers, ensuring everyone left with cherished memories of fun and camaraderie. We are thrilled to have provided the CT Link family with such an enjoyable retreat during the scorching summer and look forward to more exciting events in the coming year.

Stay cool and keep having fun, CT Link family!