The State of Data Protection in 2019

The State of Data Protection in 2019

Unitrends has been doing an annual survey these past 5 years to find out the state of data security to see if improvements have been made to companies overall.  With more than 400 companies joining the survey, it was found out that data loss is still a prevalent problem despite us having better technology which should have prevented many cases.  This can be attributed to challenges such as reduced IT budgets and headcounts.  It was also found that cloud-based solutions such as DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) and direct-to-cloud back up of PCs and servers are now on the rise.

The challenges of Data Protection

One of the most basic job requirements for IT is to protect corporate data and keep the business applications running. However, that requirement is getting increasingly more difficult due to a variety of circumstances.

Organizations have seen a rise in their storage that require protection in the last four years, this has forced organizations to look for ways to keep their storage costs down.  This is seen from the data that organizations that needed 100TB of data has gone up from 11% of respondents in 2016 to 31% this 2019.

Organizations have also had their expectations for fast recoveries increased in the past 5 years.  An increase of 12% was seen compared to the last as organizations are now expecting to recover from downtime in less than 4 hours.  This increases the IT requirements that needs to be used from the existing tools an organization uses to procedures that need to set in place to ensure it happening.

Another thought to keep in mind is the direction in which customers plan to do with their data in the near future.  Many respondents of Unitrends’ survey have said that their direction is to move a larger percent of their enterprise data out of the traditional on-premise data center.  Although endeavors like this take a while, many years in fact, it is something worth considering when you are working on your road plan.

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