Securing Your Journey to the Cloud


With all the benefits and convenience cloud technology can do for companies these days, it’s no wonder almost as much as 90% of US enterprises are opting to migrate to cloud services. However, with more and more people joining the cloud, it becomes all the more difficult to keep your data secure. Cloud services such as Microsoft Azure do their best to keep your data secure, but with more and more threat appearing, it’s harder to guarantee that it will always be enough. With Trend Micro’s Deep Security, you can be assured that you are taking that extra step into making sure that you are keeping your data secure from the growing threats.

Deep Security provides your business with protection from threats and vulnerabilities with defense capabilities which make it which make it a market leader in server security such as:

  • Prevent attacks on your network and lateral movement
  • Defend against zero-day and known vulnerability exploits (including ransomware)
  • Finds suspicious activities which includes key indicators of compromise
  • Able to lockdown applications even in agile development models

When using Deep Security, you can also be assured that not only will you secure your data in the cloud, you will do so without slowing any of your processes.  Trend has partnered with service providers to create a security that was made for the cloud to make sure it won’t impact agility with its deep API (application programming interface) integration.

Deep Security also provides you with full visibility and workload discovery with your cloud provider while letting you use only a single management console for your environments.