Email Security Technologies: Comparing the Benefits of Each

Email Security Technologies Preview
Email Security technologies in the philippines

In the fast-paced world of cybersecurity, safeguarding business communications is non-negotiable. Although we know this, how familiar are we with the ways to secure our emails? What are the email security technologies involved that keep our email data safe in the Philippines? There are two which are considered basis to email security, Secure Email Gateways and API-based Security or Cloud App Security.

Fortifying Philippine Email Defense: The Role of Secure Email Gateways (SEGs)

Secure Email Gateways

Secure Email Gateways (SEGs) works like a digital gatekeeper, diligently analyzing content, attachments, and user behavior to fend off malware, phishing, and other email threats. These dedicated solutions serve as the frontline defense, covering both cloud and non-cloud platforms within the Philippines. SEGs are tailored for businesses with diverse infrastructures, presenting a unified solution for varied email security challenges.


SEGs function as dedicated appliances or software solutions, orchestrating the filtration and management of incoming and outgoing emails. They serve as a vital gateway between an organization’s internal email system and the broader external email network.

Filtering Mechanisms

Employing a repertoire of techniques, SEGs filter emails through signature-based detection, heuristics, machine learning, and behavioral analysis. Predefined rules and policies enable the identification and blocking of suspicious emails, including phishing attempts, malware, and spam.


SEGs typically find their place at the network perimeter, scrutinizing emails before they reach the internal email server or users’ inboxes.


While SEGs excel against numerous email threats, they may face challenges with advanced, targeted attacks that surpass traditional signature-based detection. Additionally, the exclusion of internal emails from SEG scrutiny can pose a risk if such internal communications harbor malicious elements.

Optimizing Security for Philippine Cloud-Based Platforms: API-Based Security

API-Based Security or Cloud App Security

On the other hand, API-Based Security operates as a specialized defender, meticulously designed for cloud-based platforms such as Office 365 and Google. This technology seamlessly integrates into these environments, enhancing security without causing operational disruptions. API-Based Security emerges as the strategic choice for businesses deeply immersed in cloud communication, delivering advanced protection and features tailored for these specific platforms.


API-Based Security entails the integration of security solutions directly into the infrastructure of the email service provider, utilizing Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This direct integration allows for a real-time and dynamic approach to email security.

Real-time Protection

By integrating with the email provider’s API, security solutions gain access to and analyze emails in real-time, enabling swift responses to emerging threats.

Granular Control

API-Based Security provides heightened control and visibility into email activities, empowering organizations to establish specific security policies and dynamically respond to evolving threats.


As a cloud-based solution, API-Based Security boasts scalability advantages, making it particularly beneficial for organizations with growing email traffic and dynamic needs.

Securing More than Emails

Beyond securing emails, it extends its protective reach to files stored in data storage applications such as SharePoint or Google Drive.

SEGs vs. API-Based Security

SEGS Vs. Cloud App Security

When deciding between the email security technologies, SEGs and API-Based Security, businesses should carefully consider its requirements and current infrastructure. Below are a few key differences between each technology:


SEGs: Act as gateways and filter emails at the network perimeter.

API-Based Security: Integrates directly with the email service for real-time protection.

Detection Mechanisms:

SEGs: Rely on various detection mechanisms.

API-Based Security: Leverages the email provider’s data and additional threat intelligence for enhanced detection.


SEGs: Typically deployed as a separate layer.

API-Based Security: Integrates directly into the email infrastructure.

Which Email Security Technology is Best for My Business in the Philippines?

Email Security for my businesss

If Your Business is Diverse

If your infrastructure spans both cloud and non-cloud platforms, Secure Email Gateways offer a versatile and comprehensive solution. Their adaptability across various environments makes them an efficient choice for businesses with diverse email communication needs.

If Your Business is Cloud-Centric

For businesses deeply entrenched in cloud-based platforms, especially Office 365 or Google, API-Based Security emerges as the strategic choice. Its focused defense and optimization for these specific environments make it the ideal solution for streamlined and efficient cloud protection.

Consider a Hybrid Approach

For businesses with a hybrid infrastructure, leveraging both SEGs and API-Based Security can create a robust defense strategy. This combination provides a layered approach, ensuring comprehensive protection across diverse platforms while optimizing security for cloud-centric operations.

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