Hybrid Cloud Security

Whether your business operates with a remote workforce or on-premises staff, switching to hybrid cloud infrastructure provides multiple benefits. Because of the combination of cloud services with private IT infrastructures, companies are experiencing quicker adaptation to demands by moving workloads between platforms. But one of the main concerns regarding this setup is the safety of sensitive information. For this reason, you need a trusted hybrid cloud security solutions provider in the Philippines to give you peace of mind when it comes to keeping your data secure. Continue reading to learn more.

Why Choose CT Link As Your Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions Provider In The Philippines?

Why Choose CT Link As Your Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions Provider In The Philippines?

Choosing a hybrid cloud security solutions provider in the Philippines is a major decision for your organization. After all, you need a platform that can provide you with greater flexibility when it comes to operations while allowing you to adapt to changing demands quickly. Slow applications and difficulty accessing cloud data can lead to downtime which can make your customers unhappy. Aside from that, unsecured services can also give you a higher risk of data loss, information theft, and more.

Trusted And Proven Security Solutions

Here at CT Link, we provide you with reputable security solutions to keep your information secure at all times. Whether you’re keeping sensitive data on your office laptop, tracking employee’s workload from the public cloud, or managing critical applications on the private cloud—your assets are protected from threats. As the trusted hybrid cloud security solutions provider in the Philippines, we can provide you with options and help you find the right fit for your company’s needs:

Trend Micro Philippines

If you want to simplify cloud security so you can enjoy the benefits of hybrid cloud computing and achieve business goals, Trend Micro’s Cloud One is one of your choices for your IT Infrastructure. It is automated, flexible, and a single solution to all your cloud security needs.

Citrix Philippines

Giving you access to your business data securely on any device anywhere, Citrix ADC provides holistic visibility and a consistent security posture. With this, you can access monolithic and microservices-based applications faster and with peace of mind.

Cisco Philippines

With the digital workplace becoming the prime choice for growing businesses and established brands, Cisco Meraki can help you simplify and secure your data with their cloud-managed IT solutions.

All-in solution For Existing Software

Aside from providing options for your varying needs, we here at CT Link can also help you find an all-in-one solution to streamline your existing workflows. For example, if your organization utilizes Microsoft Azure in the Philippines, it can seamlessly be integrated with our hybrid cloud solutions without the added hassle.

As the leading hybrid cloud security solutions provider in the Philippines, we can also assist you in integrating advanced security services with your existing Amazon Web Services, VMware, Google Cloud, and more.

Fast And Reliable Application Performance Multi-Cloud

Hybrid models are becoming popular because you can extend your operations to the cloud whenever local resources become limited. As the hybrid cloud security solutions provider in the Philippines, CT Link can provide IT solutions that can make your business operations safer—thus making it more productive. After all, when it comes to the digital workplace, speed and reliability are two of the main concerns.

With cloud security solutions, threats and risks are detected whenever you’re accessing the private or public cloud. This way, you are able to improve the user experience with faster performance with no cost to security.

Quick And Simple Operations And Troubleshooting

But with all these cloud-based multi-platform features, you may be wondering how user-friendly the cloud security solutions are. When switching from more traditional on-premise work environments, most organizations lack the skills needed to adapt and maintain these complicated IT infrastructures. Instead of providing growth and flexibility, some companies experience downtime because of obstacles in implementation.

But with modern advancements to technology, CT Link can provide you with straightforward and simple cloud security solutions to make your workflow much more efficient. With better security posture and more enforced policies, you can better allocate the time of your IT team to work on more important tasks and lower the amount of time they work on false alarms. That’s why if you’re looking for a hybrid cloud security solutions provider in the Philippines, you found the right place.

Why Do You Need Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions?

Why Do You Need Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions?

Whether you’re using existing hybrid cloud models or local storage to secure data for your business, security should be one of your prime concerns. Numerous security challenges pose a risk for your organization, which is why you need to partner with a hybrid cloud security solutions provider to provide you with easy-to-use and seamless IT products.

Security When Using The Public Cloud

Cloud solutions are typically delivered through the internet, meaning you can also rely on an extensive network of servers to provide services constantly.

When you avail of the services of a public cloud, you can take advantage of a variety of things—such as storage, applications, and more. For some organizations, they choose to conduct less sensitive workloads in the public cloud and critical workloads in the private cloud—so a hybrid cloud setup is the best option.

Hybrid cloud computing allows your organization to have more control over your data. You can choose where to put them depending on your security needs, compliance, and policy. Because you can reduce the potential exposure of your data, you can also benefit from improved security. Other than that, some of the other security features you can implement with a hybrid cloud setup are automation, access control, and the like.

With a hybrid cloud security solutions provider in the Philippines, you have advanced protection against threats. With extensive security solutions, you’re essentially putting a shield on your business applications and sensitive data. Your provider will be able to monitor alerts sent by the security software, which helps them come up with a remediation plan, detect unusual/risky behavior, and proactively provide solutions to threats across the cloud. Other than that, it also gives you the capability to prevent data loss—which is critical in any business.

Safety When Setting Up The Private Cloud

While more and more companies are transitioning to hybrid cloud setups, most of you probably keep extremely important and sensitive information in your office computers as well. In some cases, private clouds are also physically located at your organization’s on-premises IT center, so you have complete control of all the data needed for your company.

Because a hybrid cloud security solutions provider in the Philippines such as CT Link can supply you with an all-in-one solution, your organization’s cloud computing activities can be guarded with strong layers of protection. Some of these include web application protection, intrusion prevention, and Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW).

We also offer network security appliances that can detect malware and other advanced threats that might not be visible to normal security solutions. Comprehensive security is crucial, especially when your cloud computing environment makes use of a combination of private, third-party, public, and on-premises services.

Flexibility To Scale Up Your Operations

With all-in-one security solutions and state-of-the-art IT products that can effectively deal with your specific cloud concerns, CT Link can help every organization—from start-ups to established corporations—find what they’re looking for. With risks and threats mitigated and prevented, your hybrid cloud setup can help you streamline your processes and take advantage of additional resources wherever you need them.

And the best thing is, you can choose the tools and platforms based on your needs. This means that expanding your hybrid cloud setup in the future can be done safely and securely anytime with the help of a hybrid cloud security solutions provider in the Philippines.

Cost-Effective Solution For Growing Businesses

Because of the changing needs and demands associated with the digital workplace, companies need to adapt quickly in terms of technology, management, and design. As web-based applications become more dominant, organizations are also experiencing increased convenience and fewer expenses when it comes to physical infrastructures.

For this reason, more and more companies are looking for a hybrid cloud security and hyper-converged solutions provider in the Philippines. As your business grows, you might need the additional resources that can be supplied with cloud services. With highly secure IT products and services from CT Link, not only are you given increased convenience and control of your data but also protection against threats.

Protect Your Data With The Trusted Hybrid Cloud Security Solutions Provider In The Philippines: CT Link!

As the leading hybrid cloud security solutions provider in the Philippines, CT Link can help you find the right products and services for your hybrid cloud setup! With all the changing needs in the digital workplace, your IT infrastructure should also adapt to keep up with the demands and challenges that you might face.

Aside from relying on the additional computing power provided by cloud services, you also need to be ensured that the information that you store will be well-protected and guarded against unseen vulnerabilities. As your business scales and you migrate away from disjointed data silos, you’ll need our services as the most reliable hyper-converged, and SASE service provider in the Philippines.

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