Citrix SDWAN

Citrix SDWAN offers network update cost avoidance, abundant bandwidth, always on-reliability, elimination of application interruption, automatic lossless factor, avoidance of high cost of MPLS expansion, lower cost broadband in place, and consolidation of network services by combining SD-WAN, Routing, and WAN Optimization. More to these features are:

Always available branch access- the SD-WAN solution ensures continuous access to applications even when network link is lost and it keeps critical connectivity reliable

Better user experience- the solution also ensures that applications are responsive and perform consistently and can deliver clear voice calls and videos as well as websites and data can load more quickly

Reduce costs- the Citrix SD-WAN can reduce WAN network expenses therefore companies can aggregate or employ least cost routing

Simplify branch infrastructure- the Netscaler SD-WAN combines SD-WAN, WAN Optimization, Routing, and Secure Tunneling. It also simplifies configuration and management while reducing hardware requirements and costs of support and maintenance

Centralize control management- lastly, the Netscaler SD-WAN Center is a single centralized location for system-wide configuration, management, monitoring, and reporting