Cohesity Philippines

What is Cohesity? In today’s digital age, businesses are generating and storing more data than ever before. This data is critical to the success of their operations and includes everything from customer information and financial records to product designs and marketing materials. However, managing this data is becoming increasingly complex and challenging, with businesses facing issues such as data growth, data sprawl, data protection, and compliance.

Traditional data management solutions are no longer sufficient to address these challenges. They often rely on multiple, disparate systems to store and manage data, leading to silos, complexity, and inefficiency. Moreover, they may not offer the necessary capabilities to ensure data protection, compliance, and accessibility.

This is where Cohesity comes in. Cohesity’s next-generation data management platform is designed to simplify data protection, consolidate secondary storage, and provide a single, easy-to-use platform for managing all your data. With Cohesity, businesses can manage their data more efficiently, reduce costs, and comply with data protection regulations more easily.

Cohesity Key Features

Simplified data protection

Cohesity’s platform offers a unified, policy-based approach that automates backup, replication, and disaster recovery across all your applications and data sources. This helps to simplify data protection by reducing the need for manual intervention and enabling you to manage your data protection activities from a single console.

Consolidated secondary storage

Cohesity’s platform enables you to consolidate secondary storage, including backup, archives, and file shares, onto a single, scale-out platform that eliminates silos, reduces costs, and improves performance. This means you can manage all your secondary storage requirements from one platform, rather than having to deal with multiple, separate systems.

Global visibility and control

With Cohesity’s platform, you get real-time insights into your data and can manage it more effectively from a single, easy-to-use interface. This gives you the ability to understand your data usage and storage requirements better, which can help you optimize your data management activities and reduce the risk of data loss or corruption.

Reduced data sprawl and complexity

Cohesity’s platform helps you reduce data sprawl and complexity by eliminating redundant data, identifying sensitive data, and automating data retention policies. This means you can better manage your data storage requirements, reduce storage costs, and comply with data protection regulations more easily.

High-performance and low-latency platform

Cohesity’s platform is designed to support even the most demanding workloads, offering high-performance and low-latency access to your data. This means you can achieve faster backup and restore times, improve application performance, and increase availability of your data.