The challenge for most enterprise and service providers these days is to provide their users a secure and independent locations in which they can have better control of resource access for their users. This is compounds as many users take measures themselves to find better ways to increase their own productivity by using the many different productivity solutions that is currently out in the market.

Many users are also shifting into the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend as many are find it more convenient than Internet of Things (IoT) devices. This causes a decrease in IT visibility as they cannot ensure that said devices are compliant to the security policies, giving more attack surfaces for cyber criminals to exploit.

PulseSecure solutions can help your organization address these problems with their secure access solutions, namely Pulse Connect Secure and Pulse Policy Secure.

Pulse Connect Secure

PCS provides secure, authenticated access for remote users from any web-enabled device to corporate resources anytime, anywhere.

Pulse Policy Secure

PPS ensures all endpoints (remote, local, IoT) are profiled and comply with security policies.