VMware Philippines

VMware is a prominent software company that is well-known for its virtualization and cloud computing technologies. Its products are widely used in enterprise data centers, cloud environments, and mobile devices. One of its flagship products is vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM), which combines the vSphere hypervisor with advanced management and monitoring capabilities.

vSphere with Operations Management is designed to help organizations optimize their virtual infrastructure by providing deep insights into the performance, capacity, and health of their virtualized environment. It also offers advanced analytics and proactive alerts that enable administrators to quickly identify and resolve issues before they become major problems.

vSphere with Operations Management also includes vSAN, VMware’s software-defined storage solution that is integrated directly into the hypervisor. vSAN is designed to provide enterprise-class storage capabilities using industry-standard hardware. It eliminates the need for expensive and complex storage arrays and enables organizations to scale their storage infrastructure quickly and easily.

Another important product in VMware’s portfolio is VeloCloud, a cloud-delivered SD-WAN solution that simplifies branch WAN networking. VeloCloud provides a secure, high-performance WAN that connects users to applications and data, regardless of where they are located. It also optimizes application performance and reduces costs by using multiple transport links, such as broadband, LTE, and MPLS.

VeloCloud’s cloud-based management and orchestration simplify the deployment and management of SD-WAN, making it easy for administrators to set up policies and monitor performance. It also provides advanced security features, such as cloud-based firewalls and threat detection, to protect branch networks from cyber threats.

VMware’s products are used by a wide range of organizations, including large enterprises, small and medium-sized businesses, and service providers. Its solutions help organizations streamline their IT infrastructure, reduce costs, and improve the performance and reliability of their applications.

There are many segments in which VMware excel in, below are the key solutions that we from CT Link Systems, Inc. specialize and excel to help your business operations:

vSphere with Operations Management (vSOM)

vSOM is designed to help you achieve your unique business needs by providing better insights and better IT.


A hypervisor-converged storage solution that is optimized for vSphere virtual infrastructure that aims to helps businesses evolve their IT infrastructure without risk

Velocloud (SD-WAN)

Cloud-Delivered SD-WAN enables simple, agile and secure branch office wide area networks.