4 Reasons Why You Need A Cloud-Based Web Security Platform

4 Reasons Why You Need A Cloud-Based Web Security Platform

4 Reasons Why You Need A Cloud-Based Web Security Platform

What are some reasons to use a cloud-based web security platform?

  1. Cloud-delivered network security
  2. Zero-trust network access
  3. Dedicated source IP addresses
  4. Regulatory compliance

More and more companies are migrating their data and infrastructure to the cloud. For this reason, other organizations who plan to do the same might be curious about cloud computing security. Fortunately, there are also cloud-based security solutions that can provide plenty of benefits to businesses. This includes cloud-delivered network security, dedicated source IP addresses, zero-trust network access, regulatory compliance, and more. If you want to learn about the reasons why you need a cloud-based web security platform, keep on reading.

Cloud-Delivered Network Security

Since more and more employees are working remotely, most of the network traffic for businesses is going over cloud apps. Cybercriminals know this, which is why they have shifted their focus to the same place. For this reason, it’s beneficial to have a security solution in place.

Cloud-delivered security is a technology that is made to protect your company’s infrastructure, applications, and data. Compared to being installed and maintained on-premises, it is delivered from the cloud as a service. For some organizations, cloud-delivered network security can be easier to implement and maintain since the service provider is responsible for the maintenance and updates of the service.

One of the trusted service providers for cloud-delivered network security is iboss. With their cloud-based security platform, your business can secure access to the cloud on any device, network, location, or cloud. Your users will experience fast and secure connectivity wherever they are. On top of these, you can also eliminate network security appliances since all the network security features and capabilities transition to the cloud.

Zero Trust Network Access

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) allows your business to have secure remote access to your applications and data. The term “zero trust” means that all users, whether they are inside or outside your network, are required to go through authentication methods before being granted access to your company’s resources.

In short, the principle is to “never trust, always verify”. This method can help prevent successful data breaches to your organization’s network. Unlike this setup, an IP-based VPN will offer broad access to a network once a user is authorized. With ZTNA, a user will only have limited and granular access to the resources they need for their role in your organization. Another benefit of zero-trust network access is that your users can be connected to applications and data even if these are found on multiple clouds.

The iboss cloud-based web security platform also offers zero-trust network access. Users are only provided access to specific cloud resources based on their identity and user context. With this feature, you can reduce the need for overloaded and slow VPN connections so users can improve productivity and work more effectively.

Dedicated Source IP Addresses

An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a unique address that is given to a device on the internet or a local network. This way, different devices, routers, and websites can be differentiated.

But when you use a cloud-based platform, having a unique source IP address is difficult. For example, a user could work at a different location from their office, so their source IP is mapped to that location instead. This makes it difficult to determine if the user belongs to your organization. This can be challenging for your IT department to manage.

But with a dedicated source cloud IP address associated with your organization, users will always appear to be accessing the internet from within your organization wherever they may be. This allows your IT department to maintain connectivity requirements when migrating to the cloud platform.

This feature is also offered by the iboss cloud-based security platform. The iboss cloud follows users whether they’re outside the office or on personal devices, which means that dedicated IP addresses are provided despite the location. This way they can access business applications that require connections secured by the gateway.

Regulatory Compliance

One of the challenges when it comes to cloud application use is ensuring compliance with regulations. This is because most cloud-security platforms need to scan and store user data that might fall under regulatory constraints. These regulations might differ depending on the region, which makes it more difficult for organizations that operate on a global scale.

The right cloud-based web security platform, however, will help your organization when it comes to regulatory compliance. This is vital if your company is in one of the regulated industries that need to manage and maintain their infrastructures for compliance or protect sensitive data.

Fortunately, the iboss cloud can secure internet access for users anywhere they are while complying with established standards. For instance, It features admin-controlled zones which can be based on the country. The users are mapped to a specific zone to ensure that data is scanned and stored within a region. Additionally, it helps the admin monitor compliance to ensure the cloud service meets the requirements.

Key Takeaway

From cloud-delivered network security, zero-trust network access, dedicated source IP addresses, and regulatory compliance — these are just some of the reasons why you need a cloud-based web security platform like iboss! If you’re interested in learning the other benefits, you can contact us here at CT Link. We can also suggest other IT security solutions that will fit your organization’s requirements.

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