Remote Browser Isolation to Simplify your Security Posture

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Web access is a cornerstone to productivity in today’s interconnected business environment. Employees both in the office and working remotely need to access the internet to find the information they need to do their job. However, web access can also be the entry point for bad threat actors to access your company’s network. So how do companies go about securing it without compromising the user’s experience?

If companies allow users to freely access the web and rely on traditional AV tools for protection, they run the risk of overworking IT. This happens because traditional AV tools require users to request access as needed from IT which can be large number every day. Traditional AV tools are also ineffective against advanced malware like Zero-day threats, downloaded documents with malicious code, and even data theft from images with hidden malicious text (steganography).

This is where businesses need to look into solutions such as Remote Browser Isolation to fill in their security gaps.

Remote Browser Isolation (RBI)


RBI allows businesses to move trust from the endpoints by safely fetching, executing, and rendering web content through a remote web session. Within the remote web session, the RBI strips away malicious code and reconstructs the content back into visuals content that is safe for the user to view. However, customers should be aware that not all RBI solutions cover the same security gaps.

When looking into an RBI solution, customers should prioritize a safe and productive solutions that ensures safe web browsing. It should also provide your company a way to deliver content to users without compromising on the user experience while keeping set up and configuration simple.

Key Benefits

Remote Browser Isolation Benefits

Risk Reduction – Prevent malware embedded in web content from contaminating endpoints or your network. Sanitize webpages requested by users for complete assurance.

Productivity – Provide your team with the flexibility to access information and tools from new or disreputable sites. As an added benefit, access to uncategorized sites reduces over-blocking and relieves system admins from being overburdened with policy exception IT tickets.

Optimize Savings – Reduce costs by using web security to handle most of the traffic, only sending unknown and risky sites through isolation.

C-level Security – Use full isolation only for individuals that are highly valuable targets, and targeted isolation for the rest of the user population.

Streamline Compliance – Prevent sensitive information from getting into the endpoint browser cache.

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