Securing the Future: VMware Carbon Black Workshop

Securing the Future: VMware Carbon Black Workshop

Mobility is now one of the most important factors in ensuring the continued business operation of a company. Allowing your users the freedom on choosing where and when they can work is essential to a user’s performance and efficiency. It is no wonder that security focus is now towards your endpoints rather than your network perimeter. By getting access to your users endpoints, they can essentially gain access to the network. Your endpoint security should be able to detect threats quickly to protect endpoints, cloud workload, applications and data. This is where security solutions like VMware Carbon Black can help. Below are a few features of Carbon Black that can benefit your business security:

Fast, Intelligent Protection – Analyze a multitude of system events and behaviors to better understand the context of the IT environment to identify malicious threats early

Reduce Complexity – Allow your IT team to manage several cyber security features from a single platform, console, and agent for a more simple and efficient operation.

Straight forward integration – easily integrate Carbon Black to fit into existing VMware portfolios and security stack

CT Link will be hosting another exclusive workshop to a select few companies to experience Carbon Black firsthand. They will be given a chance to learn how Carbon Black endpoint security can improve your security posture through its single cloud native platform that adapts to the business needs. They will also be given the opportunity to go through the security dashboard and experience themselves the simple and Intuitive UI.

The workshop will be on July 20, 2022 from 10:00AM to 11:30AM.

If you are interested in learning more about VMware Carbon Black, or if you want to learn how your company can join our next workshop. Please contact us at and we will gladly answer your inquiries!