Ensuring network security from various devices on campus

In today’s world, it’s essential for schools to provide students with access to the internet to enable them to complete homework and study various subjects. However, while the internet can be a useful tool, it can also pose a significant security risk to educational organizations, with cybercriminals and malicious actors exploiting vulnerabilities to access networks and systems.

At CT Link, we understand the unique security challenges faced by educational institutions, and we’re committed to helping schools put in place the tools they need to keep their networks and systems secure. Our managed services can provide educational organizations with the tools and support they need to protect their users from a range of cyber threats.

Our solutions utilize a comprehensive database of known malicious websites and URLs, enabling users to avoid these potentially harmful sites and stay safe online. Additionally, our solutions can protect internal staff endpoints from email-based threats, including phishing and malware, ensuring that users are not inadvertently exposing the network to potential security breaches.

With our managed services, educational organizations can rest assured that their networks are secure, and their users are protected from a range of cyber threats. Our services are designed to be easy to use, with a single dashboard providing comprehensive monitoring and protection for all endpoints across the network.

We understand that educational organizations have unique needs when it comes to network security, and we’re committed to providing tailored solutions that meet these needs. Our team of experts can work with educational institutions to develop customized security protocols and policies, ensuring that the network remains secure and users are protected from potential threats.

With our managed services, we can help your organization put in place the tools you need to secure your network. Our solution can help your users avoid these malicious websites and URLs through its comprehensive database of known malicious sites. Internal staff endpoints as well can be safely protected from different email-based threats and can be monitored through just one dashboard.

Image was provided by Freepik