Pure Storage: Why All-Flash storage is the next Critical Step for PACS and VNA Solutions

Pure Storage: Why All-Flash storage is the next Critical Step for PACS and VNA Solutions

Presently, Healthcare organizations are becoming more reliant on their enterprise imaging systems to improve their overall quality of service they provide to their clients.  However, as growth in size and scope continues for imaging, those responsible for constructing and managing the Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) and Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) solutions will have to handle various new and potentially difficult challenges.  However, within these challenges lies opportunities to improve patient care with storage upgrades to support the PACS and VNA solutions.


With major advances in both imaging technology and information technology, clinicians now have the means to use a broader range of images from across the entire health system to make better and informed decisions when it comes to their clients care.  Also, as the system continues to expand in size and scope, more advanced analytics will be available to improve the progress of treating patients.

This means administrators of PACS and VNA play a bigger role, making sure delivery of performance to the point of care and meeting more stringent requirements for images, including availability, business continuity and compliance.  This means dealing with capacity growth while making sure that images are readily available and not stored in an archive that is inaccessible or unable to meet the performance requirements of the image and viewer.  They must also align their systems to their customer needs, be it current or future customers.

How all-flash storage can help

Legacy spinning disk arrays do not have the performance level to meet the demands of today’s enterprise imaging solutions unless they are replaced or upgraded.  Hybrid systems have been tried by some organizations using flash as cache or as one of several storage tiers.  However these solutions failed to deliver consistent performance needed for the PACS and VNA systems making it very difficult on the part of the administrators during its operations.  This makes it clear that to optimally run these systems, single-tiered all-flash storage solutions is the only viable option.  Below are some of the key benefits in using an all flash array

Simplified manageability

An all-flash array will typically mean faster deployments, simpler scaling and less complex ongoing management and maintenance. With the right all-flash platform, administrators can use automation to eliminate a wide range of manual tasks— with no need to ever undertake an expensive and risky forklift upgrade.

A single storage tier

This is valuable from a number of perspectives. In terms of performance, using a single tier of high-performance storage means that images are always available and on storage that can ensure quick and easy access. In terms of manageability, a single tier eliminates manual processes and the myriad tasks involved in managing the cache. In terms of cost effectiveness, a single storage tier means no need to manage archives and older storage platforms that are becoming obsolete.

A future-proof infrastructure

All-flash storage is clearly the future for PACS and VNA systems, so there is really no point in waiting. With all-flash storage, PACS and VNA systems can deliver major improvements in performance, agility, availability and manageability. With the right solution, administrators can stay current with the latest technology without having to replace infrastructure and migrate applications, images and data. In addition, flash storage is the only storage platform that can deliver the performance required for modern initiatives such as big data analytics, machine learning and radiomics.

To learn more about PACS and VNA solutions with Pure Storage, you may check this link here.  If you want to learn more about all-flash storage, you can visit our Pure Storage product page or contact us directly at 893-9515.

Manage your Data and Analyze your Data Effortlessly and Efficiently with Pure Storage and Oracle®

Manage your Data and Analyze your Data Effortlessly and Efficiently with Pure Storage and Oracle®

In today’s business, storing data properly has become business critical.  Analyzing the right data against other data types (internal or by global standards) can be key in improving your business and putting it in the right direction.  This process is known as Digital Transformation.  To begin the transformation, companies must be able to store, access and analyze their data efficiently and as fast as possible so that they can gain insights before their competition does.  Just asked yourself, are you analyzing your business data like customer support emails or their chat logs?  If not it would be best if you started now before your competitors do.  Below is a simple guide to mapping your data with data management application Oracle®:

  1. Data value starts with operational data (transactions), structured data stored in Oracle® Database.
  2. Data becomes more valuable with the addition of data warehousing and business intelligence to provide descriptive analysis of your business based on historical data.
  3. Data value is greatest when you combine all of your data assets — structured and unstructured — to gather predictive and prescriptive analytics from different sources, such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and other application data to fully participate in the era of digital transformation.

Below are ways in which Pure Storage can help your infrastructure make Oracle® effortless and efficient when analyzing your data:


  • All-flash solutions take half as long to deploy as other storage solutions and with Pure Storage’s solution, you can be sure of its simplicity and validity as they have been fully tested and validated.
  • Fast and efficient Pure Storage snapshots let you automate the copy, clone, and refresh processes of an Oracle® database and reduce the time to copy and clone up to 90%.
  • Pure Storage solutions let you run Oracle® databases for development, test, quality assurance (QA), and production for online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical processing (OLAP) workloads on the same Pure Storage platform.


Data Reduction

  • Pure Storage solutions include both in-line lossless deduplication and compression for ultimate data reduction, which can help data reduction of 3 – 5 times the conventional Oracle® data types — such as number, date, char, and varchar.
  • By running your Oracle® solutions on Pure Storage, you not only compress data to lower its footprint and reduce storage needs, you also do away with the need for Oracle® compression.


  • Pure Storage all-flash solutions improve performance by orders of magnitude, with sub-millisecond latency, no disruptions, and no effect on performance for upgrades or maintenance.
  • Pure Storage uses flash instead of disks, which eliminates the performance delays caused by the inherent latency of disk storage, which means you can run Oracle® OLTP and OLAP solutions in parallel on the same Pure Storage all-flash storage platform.

Click here to learn more about Pure Storage on Oracle®, to learn more about Pure Storage visit our product page or contact us at 893-9515!

CT Link signs up to be a partner of Pure Storage!

CT Link signs up to be a partner of Pure Storage!

All-flash arrays (AFAs) are now the next step when it comes to improving storage for enterprises as traditional solutions are now becoming less effective.  AFAs can help enable unprecedented data-mobility speeds that will allow data to be shared and accessed across functions as well as prevent spikes in latency.  These are just a few benefits that AFAs can provide to enterprise grade businesses.

To help bring these solutions to our clients, CT Link Systems, Inc. has become a partner for Pure Storage in the Philippines.

Who is Pure Storage?

Pure Storage is a data storage company that was founded in 2009 by John Hayes and John Colgrove. The company is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has operations in over 40 countries around the world. Pure Storage’s mission is to provide businesses with innovative data storage solutions that are faster, more efficient, and more reliable than traditional storage methods.

Pure Storage’s flagship product is the FlashArray, an all-flash storage solution that uses flash memory to store data instead of traditional hard drives. Flash memory is faster, more reliable, and more efficient than traditional hard drives, which makes Pure Storage’s solutions ideal for businesses that require fast and reliable access to their data.

Pure Storage provides businesses with cutting-edge data storage solutions that are designed to be faster, more efficient, and more reliable than traditional storage methods. Pure Storage’s solutions are based on the principles of all-flash storage, which uses flash memory to store data instead of traditional hard drives.

One of the primary advantages of all-flash storage is speed. Because flash memory is much faster than traditional hard drives, businesses can access their data much more quickly. This is especially important for businesses that require real-time access to their data, such as those in the financial industry.

In addition to speed, all-flash storage is also more efficient than traditional storage methods. Because flash memory uses less power than traditional hard drives, businesses can save money on their energy bills while still maintaining fast and reliable access to their data.

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