Office App: Your new Microsoft Office on the Go

Office App: Your new Microsoft Office on the Go

Most Microsoft Office users hardly use their phone to do their work, if ever they do its for revisions or small adjustments.  Users usually save majority of the work for when they can use a desktop, this should be expected as the mobile version, while handy, had a lot of limitations.  Microsoft took this as a challenge to better improve their mobile app so that you could use the app on the go to create majority of the content of your files, be it a document, a spreadsheet or even presentations.

Microsoft has announced on February 19, 2020 that the Office app is now generally available for use on both iOS and android for you to test and hopefully give more feedback.

The Office app delivers several key benefits including:

  • Combining Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in a way that simplifies the experience with fewer apps to download or switch between. It requires far less phone storage than installing individual apps while maintaining virtually all the capabilities of the existing mobile apps people already know and use.
  • Integrating our Lens technology to unlock the power of the camera with capabilities like converting images into editable Word and Excel documents, scanning PDFs, and capturing whiteboards with automatic digital enhancements to make the content easier to read.
  • Adding new functionality for common tasks people often encounter when working on a phone—things like making quick notes, signing PDFs, scanning QR codes, and transferring files between devices.

New features are also on the works that will hopefully help you do more content heavy work when using the Office App.  Below are the features that are currently being worked on and hopefully will be out on a future update:

Word Dictation— a feature where you can enable writing via voice while keeping all punctuation and symbols via a shortcut bar.

Excel Cards View— a feature in which excel rows will be displayed as easy to read and edit cards to better.

Outline to PowerPoint— a feature in which your powerpoint slide based on an outline you write will be automatically designed by powerpoint designer.

To learn more about Microsoft Office or any other Microsoft products, you may visit our product page or you can contact us directly at 8893 9515 and we would be happy to answer your inquiries.

You may also find the link for the Office app below for your respective devices:

Download for Android | Download for iOS

CT Link Systems, Inc. Adopts Microsoft Teams!

CT Link Systems, Inc. Adopts Microsoft Teams!

Office collaboration is becoming key to success in businesses right now.  Business mobility and workforce communication have become so important that it can lead to you losing a big sale to your competitors.  CT Link Systems, Inc. in an effort to improve their collaboration has decided to adopt Microsoft Teams.  Below are a few functions of Microsoft Teams that we are enjoying and helping us collaborate easier:


Chatting using Microsoft Teams is an improved experience if you are coming from other Microsoft Instant messengers like Skype for business.  One big difference is that unlike Skype you have an archive for your chat history.  You don’t have to worry that your chat between you and your superiors will disappear, you can always go back and check what was noted and even favorite a message for faster identification.  Files are not immediately deleted as well once your chat is finished, it saves itself on your OneDrive and you will have a tab where all your files from that particular contact will be saved to make it easier for you to find your files!  One feature missing from Teams so far is the capability to do video calls, however Microsoft has stated that they are working on it!


This is the main feature of Microsoft teams in which you can create a group, which serves as something similar to group chat but with more functions.  Within each group, there are different tabs which have different functions, the default would be the wiki and files.  The wiki tab would be the page where you can place your glossary for the group so that everyone has a reference area during conversations.  The files tab is where you can view all the files shared in the group and even real time edit the file such as word and excel.  You may also place more tabs per group if needed, any app available in Office 365 can be placed on it such as planner (a favorite in our office) to help remember deadlines and keep yourself on track.

These are just examples of ways teams helped our organization, however teams is still constantly being improved for better user experience so keep a watch out for it!  If you’d like to learn more, please visit our Microsoft page or contact us at 893-9515!