RSA ID Plus: The Modern Solution for Secure Identity Management

RSA ID Plus For businesses
RSA ID Plus Modern Solution for Businesses

In today’s digital landscape, securing organizational data and resources has become increasingly more important to businesses. Traditional identity and access management (IAM) solutions are no longer enough to address the complex and dynamic nature of modern business environments. In response to this, RSA has adapted a new solution to address it with RSA ID Plus. Its new modern solution for secure identity management for today’s business requirements.

What is RSA ID Plus?

What is RSA ID Plus

RSA ID Plus is a hybrid IAM solution that combines the best of both on-premise and cloud-based IAM solutions to provide a flexible, scalable, and secure identity management system. With it, organizations can manage identities across multiple systems, applications, and environments while ensuring the highest level of security.
Below are a few benefits that businesses can expect when implementing the it:

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

It provides enhanced security through a multi-layered approach that combines the security features of on-premise IAM solutions such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and role-based access control with the security features of cloud-based solutions such as encryption, tokenization, and multi-factor authentication.

Flexibility and Scalability

Flexibility and scalability

With RSA ID Plus, organizations are able to choose the best IAM solution for each use case through its flexibility and scalability. For instance, organizations can use an on-premise solution for applications that require higher security levels while using a cloud-based solution for less critical applications. Additionally, RSA ID Plus is highly scalable, allowing organizations to easily add or remove users, applications, and systems.

Seamless User Experience

Seamless User Experience

Another key feature is a seamless user experience by allowing users to access resources from anywhere, anytime, and on any device. It simplifies the authentication process by providing a single sign-on (SSO) solution for all applications, reducing the need for multiple usernames and passwords.


RSA ID Plus Cost Effective

RSA ID Plus is a cost-effective solution for organizations, as it allows them to choose the most suitable IAM solution for each use case, reducing the need for costly infrastructure investments. Additionally, it provides a pay-as-you-go model for cloud-based solutions, enabling organizations to scale up or down based on their needs.

RSA ID Plus is the modern solution for secure identity management in today’s digital age that businesses should consider implementing. It provides organizations with the flexibility, scalability, security, and cost-effectiveness they need to manage identities across multiple systems, applications, and environments. By implementing it, organizations can ensure the highest level of security for their data and resources while providing a seamless user experience for their employees and customers.

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What is MFA Prompt Bombing Attacks?

Prompt Bombing preview
Prompt bombing header

Notifications are now a very common occurrence in our lives. Pop ups for our mobile devices are always being sent to update us and even act as a security measure. This has become so common in fact, that many people stopped paying attention to what notifications pop up. Once it has become a routine, some people do actions “without thinking” and this is where security risks can happen.

Take Multifactor Authentication (MFA) as an example, it is slowly becoming an essential security step in today’s applications and accounts. Whenever you place your credentials or use an online service like money transfer, many require you to use an authenticator that is attached to your mobile device. As an extra step in your security, it helps defend against bad actors who have gotten your credentials from other methods from using it to steal financial resources or data through something that is not as easily obtained.

MFA Prompt Bombing to Create Fatigue

MFA Fatigue

Despite the pros of an MFA solution, it does come with the inconvenience that users must use another system to verify their identity. This also come from a different device that they may be using that is closer to their personal life. Threat actors know that there are lapses in people’s attention, so they take advantage of it. Once they know your credentials, they try to induce alert fatigue on the user by pushing the MFA push notifications many times. They either try to make the user click on one alert for confirmation while they are inattentive with all the notifications or through spam that makes them confirm out of annoyance.

All it takes is just one mistaken approval from the user’s side and they will be able to access the business network. This small mistake can have major repercussions to the business that users don’t understand.

Protecting your Business from These Attacks

MFA Protection

The simplest way to reduce the risk of getting hit by these types of attacks is user education. By educating your users, you arm them with the knowledge of what is normal when it comes to MFA notifications. It is much like hearing someone knocking at the door, you don’t just let them in without checking who is on the other side. Why should a user allow a login request when they are not requesting a login for themselves.

Another way is to use MFA solutions that are better equipped to handle these kinds of attacks like RSA. RSA technology has a wide range of features that make use of context within their notification requests that users can look into before confirming. This includes timestamps, applications, and even location of where the notification is.

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Improve your Zero trust Strategy with Pulse Zero Trust Access!

Improve your Zero trust Strategy with Pulse Zero Trust Access!

Digital transformation is changing the business norms. Access and connectivity are becoming more flexible as devices, users, applications, and infrastructure adapt to a new era of hyper-connectivity. This has prompted enterprises to consider how to secure access for their users and applications while managing cybersecurity risks in a network with little to no boundaries. This is where Zero Trust solutions like Pulse Zero Trust Access (PZTA) comes into play.

The PZTA platform enables diverse users from any location to access public, private, and multi-cloud applications as well as data center resources securely while staying user friendly. Be it a hybrid cloud or pure cloud strategy, PZTA can help organizations enhance their security, productivity, and compliance while also improving administrative and user experience.

Below are a few key areas in which PZTA can help improve:

On-premises, SaaS and Hybrid Cloud Applications

PZTA allows you to have Zero Trust Secure access remotely or on-site to your corporate applications whether they are located in your network perimeter or in the cloud (private or public). Users and devices are authenticated continuously while maintaining secure entry points for your network and user device through the use of encryption channels.

Keeping user and application traffic
within the corporate network

Organizations can be confident when users from any location access any application using any device. All user traffic is directed to PZTA which acts as a middleman where user requests are fulfilled by PZTA accessing data from the corporate network on their behalf. Since data are not accessed directly by users, this lowers the area of attack of compromised accounts and devices.

Difficulty of managing
resources in the cloud

The PZTA cloud-based service emulates the same access and management experience as an on-prem solution. This means that you can enable the same level of visibility, compliance, enforcement, and analytics as you would in an on-prem solution.

Visibility, Enforcement and Compliance Reporting

PZTA provides a single pane-of-glass visibility of all users connecting to your network, regardless of the location of the user, application, or resource.

Visibility gaps

From the PZTA dashboard, administrators can get holistic visibility of users, devices, infrastructure, and applications as all access is authenticated and authorized by it. These are also logged in the dashboard for reporting and auditing purposes.

Ensuring user endpoint compliance

PZTA first goes through a set of policies during authentication to see if devices trying to access the corporate network are compliant. Users can then follow pre-defined remediation given set by the administrators so that they may access the network.

Measuring users’ risk factors

User activities are measured and given a “risk score” based on users’ behavioral patterns. Stricter authentication or restrictions can be dynamically applied to verify the user’s identity once there is behavior outside the norm detected. This continuous anomaly and malicious activity detection is used to ensure the network’s security.

These are just a few ways in which Pulse Zero Trust Access can help companies improve their visibility and security. If you would like to learn more about Pulse Secure solutions, you may fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as we can!

CT Link Partners with RSA Security!

CT Link Partners with RSA Security!

The new year has finally arrived, and we are starting our year by introducing a new solution to help your mobile workforce securely access your corporate data remotely. We are happy to announce that CT Link Systems, Inc. has partnered with RSA Security to better our security portfolio to address the growing concern of identity assurance and to complement our remote access and workspace solutions.

RSA alleviates this problem through its wide variety of security solutions such as SIEM (Netwitness) and multifactor authentication (SecurID).  With over 30 years of experience, RSA has continually grown and adapted its technology to improve its user experience while maintaining a high level of security. It also has a wide selection of authentication methods that organizations can choose from to authenticate their users.

About RSA

RSA Security is a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for businesses and organizations worldwide. The company offers a range of products and services designed to help customers manage and mitigate risks related to information security.

One of RSA Security’s core offerings is its SecurID platform, which provides two-factor authentication solutions to help protect against unauthorized access to corporate networks and applications. The company also offers a variety of other security solutions, including identity and access management tools, threat detection and response services, and encryption solutions.

RSA Security was founded in 1982 and is headquartered in Bedford, Massachusetts. The company has a global presence, with offices and operations in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

In addition to its commercial offerings, RSA Security is also a leading provider of security standards and guidelines. The company has been involved in the development of numerous industry standards, including the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol, the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) standard, and the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) standard.

If you are interested in learning more about the RSA Security portfolio, please visit our RSA product page to see what it has to offer for your business. You may also contact us directly via the form below and we will contact you shortly!