Tech Talk: What is an Application Delivery Controller?

Tech Talk: What is an Application Delivery Controller?
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IT Complexity is becoming an issue talked about more due to the multitude of new technologies being introduced into business infrastructure. However, when implementing these new technologies, IT teams must consider if performance to the network can become adversely affected. This is why solutions like an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) can help drastically improve a businesses IT Infrastructure. With its mix of both security and performance features, it is built to reduce the IT complexity of businesses.

ADC solutions isn’t new, it’s been out in the market for a while but has been constantly improved over time. Recently however, vendors talk more on its security features rather than its network performance capabilities. This is due to the recent trend of pushing more security centric products to the market due to increased cyber security risks. However, the networking capabilities of ADC solutions such as Citrix ADC can help businesses improve even if you factor the security out.

Citrix ADC Networking Capabilities

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There are many ways in which an ADC can help improve your network, below are a few in which Citrix ADC specializes in to create a better user experience for your business:

Application Acceleration

Citrix ADC can boost the performance of web applications through multiple methods. One way is by using caching and compression. By creating a cache of high traffic data in your network, it lessens the number of requests that your servers have to handle at any given time. This also follows with large media connected to certain https, it may cause a delay once requested to download. This is due to the servers needing to compress the traffic for an easier transfer and also to encrypt the file. This is where the ADC as well can help simplify the process as it takes the task rather than the server needing to use resources.

High Availability

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It is important for businesses to experience as little to no downtime as possible. This is to ensure that the business operations and efficiency is not compromised. Citrix ADC’s high availability feature helps companies experience as little downtime or disruptions by through features such Load Balancing or Surge Protection. By allocating requests to healthier servers, it can ensure that your users experience as little disruption to their work as possible. Surge protection protects the servers from being overwhelmed by an increased amount of requests by allocating the requests by only what the server can handle at a steady rate to prevent slow downs to the server.

Performance and Offloading

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Another feature of the ADC solution is that it can help offload requests from your servers to the ADC solution. Offloading SSL requests can help improve the bandwidth usage of your business. Citrix ADC also handles multiple requests through a single connection to lessen the number of requests a server has to respond to. Combine this with its feature as well to compress the webpages to simplify and compress the requested data, performance improves significantly.

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