Accelerating Business to Meet the New Hybrid Workspace

Accelerating Business to Meet the New Hybrid Workspace
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Digital transformation was the buzzword that was used in many talks by IT solutions providers. In 2022 however, it is now a must if customers want to stay competitive in their respective industries. The new normal has forced many companies to retire in the past years if they were too slow or unable to adapt to the new technologies. Even with many companies slowly returning to the office this year, it is still estimated that adoption of digital transformation will not slow down. Below is a few statistics from Forbes showing the future that companies are looking to implement to better their digital transformation:

  • 66% planning to augment a new workforce model with automation and increased use of AI.
  • 70% planning to create completely new digital business models and revenue streams.
  • 73% planning to build seamless data driven digital customer experiences.
  • 74% planning to modernize and digitize operations to support next-gen operational models.

Gartner has also predicted that by 2025, 50% of enterprise data will be created outside of both the traditional datacenter and the public cloud. To better respond and gain insight from these new points of creation, companies will need their compute to be more broadly distributed to prepare for these requirements. Therefore, it will be more instrumental now to choose an infrastructure partner who knows and has the same vision as your company. This is where HPE can help.

Workload Optimization

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HPE Compute speeds up your server configuration by offering a wide selection of templates that can help speed up your process. HPE engineers have put countless of hours into workload profiles so that your team does not have to. When your servers are running, HPE Compute (through Workload Performance Advisor) monitors and gives you recommendations on how to best use your resources by adjusting your BIOS settings. Hybrid environments also benefit from HPE Compute as you will be given recommendations on which workloads in your system are best used on the cloud or on-prem. Advise on how to migrate these systems are also given to ease the planning stage to give your team more time to handle other tasks.

Intelligent Automation

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With IT now spread more outside the office, your infrastructure should be prepared to anticipate demand and be flexible to meet business needs at any time. HPE allows your IT team to manage and monitor your servers anywhere or anytime. This includes also includes AI based features that allow your servers to take more comprehensive approaches in data collection and analysis. It continuously learns from telemetry and develops a baseline on the best working environment for each of your systems, workloads, and applications. It gives recommendations as well on how to better improve performance and preventive measures to ensure your system does not fall into issues later on.

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