Tech Talk: A Closer Look into Network Access Control

Tech Talk: A Closer Look into Network Access Control
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Many companies are now adopting remote work as the new office normal. This is why it is not uncommon to have BYOD or endpoints moving in and out of the network. This has now made it critical for companies to improve their network visibility to ensure the security of their business network. The increasing number of malware and cyberattacks targeted towards endpoints make it even more apparent. This is where solutions like Network Access Control (NAC) can help companies provide the visibility needed to keep their users and devices secure.

NAC solutions are built to help companies gain better network visibility and access management. It does this through policy enforcement of all devices and users accessing the corporate network. Noncompliant devices can be denied access, put into quarantine, or give only limited access to computing resources to help mitigate security risks. Below a few features in which NAC solutions can improve your network security:

Automated Threat Detection and Response

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With BYOD and users with flexible office schedules accessing your network frequently, keeping up with the alerts generated can be taxing. This is why automated detection and remediation capabilities are a must have to lessen the stress on your IT Team. NAC solutions can automatically detect threats, identify compromised devices while having the ability to quarantine them for network safety. On top of that, user profiling, policy enforcement, guest access, and BYOD on boarding processes are automated as well to lessen the burden on your IT Team.

Agentless Enforcement

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While BYOD has gained popularity due to convenience, it also has risks when it comes to security. As users use their own personal devices, many policies and security measures are not enforced as you have no control over their device. This is where NAC solutions can help with the agentless enforcement for devices connecting to your network. It applies security measures and policies towards devices without needing to have an agent installed. Granted that it may not be as thorough as having an agent, it allows for more devices to go through the necessary steps to keep your network safer.

Application Extensions

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Some NAC solutions are able to integrate with applications to better augment your security or functionality. This is to better secure popular cloud-based or on-prem applications so that performance does not drop in exchange for better security. Other integrations are for the betterment of security of your network with existing security solutions. This ensures that both technologies compliment one another and lessen your IT complexity.

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