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Deep observability is a critical aspect of any modern IT infrastructure. It allows for the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data across an entire network, providing IT teams with unprecedented visibility into the performance and security of their systems. However, is that all there is to deep observability?

What is Deep Observability?

What is Deep Observability

At its most basic level, deep observability is the practice of collecting and analyzing data across an entire IT infrastructure, from servers and network devices to applications and user endpoints. This allows IT teams to gain a comprehensive view of their systems, including how they are performing, where bottlenecks and performance issues may be occurring, and where potential security risks may exist.

Deep observability comprises of multiple monitoring tools and technologies that work together to collect and analyze data in real-time. These tools may include network traffic analysis (NTA) platforms, log management tools, security information and event management (SIEM) platforms, and application performance monitoring (APM) solutions. By integrating these tools into a cohesive deep observability solution, IT teams can gain a more complete understanding of their systems and respond to issues more quickly and effectively.

For businesses interested in looking for a vendor with a powerful platform to empower your deep observability capabilities, Gigamon has the solution.

Deep Observability with Gigamon

Gigamon improves Deep Observability

Gigamon’s deep observability solution provides IT teams with a powerful platform for gaining deep insights into their IT infrastructure. It is designed to enhance the observability of network infrastructure by providing a comprehensive view of network traffic. With deep observability tools, like the ones stated above, the platform can analyze network traffic and extract valuable insights into network behavior, performance, and security.

The Gigamon platform works by tapping into network traffic and aggregating it into a centralized location for analysis. The platform can then provide various tools to analyze this traffic, such as packet capture, flow analysis, and metadata extraction. With these tools, the platform can identify and classify network traffic, detect anomalies and threats, and optimize network performance.

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