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Hybrid Work: Better for Companies and Employees

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Despite offices already at full operational capacity globally and in the Philippines, full-time office setups may not be as common as before. If we learned one thing from the Global pandemic, it would be that remote work can work for some industries. It is not only something that benefits the employee but can also be a major benefit for office productivity. Despite knowing this, many companies that can support hybrid workforces, especially in the Philippines, still push for a full office work schedule. This is due the fact that many in top management are still used to the traditional ways and under the assumption that work can’t be really done productively outside the office.

However, if implemented correctly, hybrid or remote setups can be more effective then a pure office environment. Below are a few points and studies that have been found in the past few years during the pandemic which show some interesting data:

This data was found in a study by Citrix which sampled 900 business leaders and 1,800 knowledge workers around the world. This has shown that even though the pandemic drastically shook the way we work and tested many through unforeseen mental stress, there is still a better way to balance work. 70% of hybrid workers have reported better wellbeing ever since they switched to this work schedule.

Technology as the Driving Force

To ensure that the implementation of a hybrid workforce is successful, the foundation must be working properly. A common reason why companies in the Philippines may be unsuccessful in seeing an increase in productivity from hybrid or remote work can be from an inadequate system to properly enable their workforce. According to the study by Citrix, the average employee spends around 54 minutes a day dealing with technology challenges. This can be for instance when they need to navigate multiple applications just to execute a single business process and taking time to input multiple passwords and navigating multiple application interfaces.

This is where virtual workspace solutions like Citrix Virtual Apps or Citrix Secure Private Access can help improve your hybrid work experience. Your workforce will be able to avoid all the inefficiencies from technological redundancies through a single, seamless, and secure UI. Below is the structure Citrix leverages to ensure a good hybrid implementation:

Unify work: Whether at home, on plane or in an office, employees have consistent and reliable access to all the resources they need to be productive across any work channel, device or location.

Secure work: Contextual access and app security, ensure applications and information remain secure — no matter where work happens.

Simplify work: Intelligence capabilities like machine learning, virtual assistants and simplified workflows personalize, guide, and automate the work experience so employees can work free from noise and perform at their best.

To learn more about how you can improve your own hybrid workspace or about Citrix Solutions, you may contact us at to set up a meeting today!

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