Innovating Industries: Teams for Manufacturing

Innovating Industries: Teams for Manufacturing
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Technology is always evolving to make life simpler for businesses and their employees. No matter which industry, there are always new ways to improve the operations and make jobs easier for every job level. In today’s article, we are taking a closer look at some of these advancements for manufacturing. Specifically on Microsoft Teams and the variety of apps within it that can empower all employees within the company to help finish tasks more efficiently.

Updates: Create, Review, Submit Employee Updates

Microsoft Teams Manufacturing updates

Many in the manufacturing still use tools that are considered outdated or do manual updates to sync with each other and get work done. This is a process that Microsoft looked into to save employees time and energy through a streamlined app available out-of-box. With Updates in Microsoft Teams, you are able to easily do recurring tasks such as check-ins, and reports such as inspections and maintenance updates, or even real-time urgent updates like incident reports. Updates can be your one stop app to manage them all.

Approvals: Integrate Approvals into Microsoft 365

Microsoft Teams Manufacturing approvals

Microsoft Teams allows you to integrate and extend approvals through the Approval app. Through it, your team will be able to create approval requests directly into Word documents, either the whole documents or just a section of it. Additionally, you can manage and create your requests through Microsoft Lists to easily interact with your approvals.

Walkie Talkie: Enable Simpler Communication Through Teams

Microsoft Teams Manufacturing walkie

A simple way to immediately contact one another is sometimes vital in manufacturing. The Microsoft team understands that sometimes its not necessary to reinvent the wheel. The Walkie Talkie app in Teams allows for a secure way for frontline workers to communicate each other with the familiar push-to-talk experience. Unlike a regular walkie talkie however, team members are able to communicate even if they are anywhere in the world, as well as do away with the static for a cleaner audio between one another. This can be used through devices such as corporate given devices or BYOD, you may also opt for partner devices that optimizes its use with it as well.

These are just a few of the ways Microsoft 365 and Teams can help digitally transform the Manufacturing industry. Through many different integrations and applications, Microsoft can help streamline the flows and process of many manufacturing organizations through different customizations.

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