Citrix Sharefile: Your One-stop Data Repository

<strong>Citrix Sharefile: Your One-stop Data Repository</strong>
Citrix Sharefile banner

Data is the life blood of a company. All aspects of a business rely on data that is sent and received on a daily basis. However, users are now experiencing more disruption in their daily workflows as data is spread out between on-premises and cloud servers. This causes businesses to  experience a loss in productivity due to time loss and overall inefficiencies in processes. Businesses need a solution that can offer a single point of access to all data sources that is available on any device while still being able to maintain the ability to manipulate content resources for their job.

This is where solutions like Citrix ShareFile can help.

Citrix Sharefile: Connecting and Protecting your Data

Citrix sharefile for windows

ShareFile gives your IT team they need to assert better control over how your corporate data is stored, accessed, synced, and shared. It also allows your users the ability to continue being mobile with data without compromising on the data security and control your IT has. The best part, it doesn’t matter if the data is on the cloud or on-prem.

Unlike most traditional synchronization tools that are built more for desktops, Sharefile comes with a drive mapper functionality. This means that businesses can help save on storage costs across when using a VDI infrastructure as the it will only cache content as its accessed. Users will be able to connect an account as a mapped drive on the Windows file system without the need to perform a full sync of account content. This is done through the Citrix Files app which supports a variety of storage apps like SharePoint, OneDrive, and most ECM Systems.

Citrix ShareFile for Windows Benefits for IT

Citrix sharefile for windows

Virtualization Support: IT can use the same file sync-and-share solution across both physical and virtual endpoints, and across on-premises and cloud storage. And because content access from the Citrix Files app is stored as a cache on a user’s virtual desktop, it reduces unnecessary network traffic in the data center.

Storage Flexibility: Store files on premises, in public clouds, in private clouds, or in any combination. The same file sync-and-share solution experience is used across both physical and virtual endpoints.

Reduced Storage Costs: Files can be stored in multiple locations without the need for duplication on devices or storage zones.

Citrix ShareFile for Windows Benefits for Users

sharefile logo

Anywhere, Any Device Access: Connect a ShareFile account as a mapped drive on the Windows file system, without performing a full sync of account content.

Flexibility: Provide a single point of access to multiple data repositories, including networks shares, OneDrive, SharePoint, and personal cloud repositories.

Faster Virtual Connections: Because the Citrix Files app does not sync files into the virtual desktop, files are fetched from their respective source only when a user opens that file, and the virtual desktop integration is more efficient.

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Citrix DaaS: Your Edge for Remote Work Solutions

<strong>Citrix DaaS: Your Edge for Remote Work Solutions</strong>
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Businesses can’t deny the advantages of desktop as a service (DaaS). This was especially so in the past few years where remote work has grown in popularity. DaaS provides businesses with ways to streamline maintenance and increase security while allowing users to be productive on any device. However, this comes with increasing the complexity of workloads and making it harder manage without investing significant manpower into it. With how much is at stake, investing into the right kind of DaaS provider can help your business in the long run.

This is where Citrix DaaS can help your business. As a high-performance virtualization solution, it allows your users a seamless experience while working with the added benefit of a simple way to manage it. It also ensures that that businesses are ready for the future with its wide variety of desktop and app options. Below are a few benefits that the Citrix DaaS solution can bring your business:

Promoting Productivity

Citrix Desktop as a Service productivity

Employees that are working from home, in the field, or at the office, all need reliable access to the corporate resources. Citrix desktop and app virtualization solutions ensure employees have instant, consistent access to corporate resources and apps using any device and network. Whether you need a Windows or Linux virtual desktop, Citrix allows businesses a fully customized experience that will give even the most demanding users a high-definition experience. This even includes users who are assigned in various locations far away from the datacenter or users with unreliable internet connections.

Enabling Users Regardless of Location

Citrix Desktop as a Service enabling users

Businesses need to consider ways to become more agile when it comes to secure remote access. This was shown in recent years when businesses were forced to adapt to remote work when offices could no longer be opened for a while. This was an eye opener for many as they needed to adapt quickly to keep the business afloat. With Citrix DaaS, businesses can easily adapt to the changing needs of an increasingly flexible workforce. It allows business to quickly set up desktops to support their users wherever they are with any device while allowing the flexibility to turn them down once they are no longer in use.

Securing Sensitive Data

Citrix Desktop as a Service data

Users are increasingly using multiple devices to perform their work. This means that more access points into your network are being introduced and not properly secured. Traditional security strategies are not equipped to handle these new security risks. This is why in a recent survey from Forrester, 7 out of 10 companies have reported that they have fallen victim to successful endpoint attacks. With Citrix’s robust management and monitoring tools, businesses can be better equipped to protect critical data from evolving threats. Through Citrix, businesses can secure data by providing the right level of access based on each employee’s location, device, and other factors. The Citrix DaaS solution also ensure your data is not stored on endpoint, allowing no exfiltration in case of stolen device.

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Hybrid Work: Better for Companies and Employees

Hybrid Work: Better for Companies and Employees
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Despite offices already at full operational capacity globally and in the Philippines, full-time office setups may not be as common as before. If we learned one thing from the Global pandemic, it would be that remote work can work for some industries. It is not only something that benefits the employee but can also be a major benefit for office productivity. Despite knowing this, many companies that can support hybrid workforces, especially in the Philippines, still push for a full office work schedule. This is due the fact that many in top management are still used to the traditional ways and under the assumption that work can’t be really done productively outside the office.

However, if implemented correctly, hybrid or remote setups can be more effective then a pure office environment. Below are a few points and studies that have been found in the past few years during the pandemic which show some interesting data:

  • 69% of hybrid workers feel engaged, compared to 56% of remote workers and 51% of in-office employees.
  • 73% of hybrid workers are positive about their personal performance, as compared to 69% of remote workers and 65% of in-office employees.
  • 69% of hybrid workers feel engaged, compared to 56% of remote workers and 51% of in-office employees.
  • 73% of hybrid workers are positive about their personal performance, as compared to 69% of remote workers and 65% of in-office employees.

This data was found in a study by Citrix which sampled 900 business leaders and 1,800 knowledge workers around the world. This has shown that even though the pandemic drastically shook the way we work and tested many through unforeseen mental stress, there is still a better way to balance work. 70% of hybrid workers have reported better wellbeing ever since they switched to this work schedule.

Technology as the Driving Force

Hybrid Work technology

To ensure that the implementation of a hybrid workforce is successful, the foundation must be working properly. A common reason why companies in the Philippines may be unsuccessful in seeing an increase in productivity from hybrid or remote work can be from an inadequate system to properly enable their workforce. According to the study by Citrix, the average employee spends around 54 minutes a day dealing with technology challenges. This can be for instance when they need to navigate multiple applications just to execute a single business process and taking time to input multiple passwords and navigating multiple application interfaces.

This is where virtual workspace solutions like Citrix Virtual Apps or Citrix Secure Private Access can help improve your hybrid work experience. Your workforce will be able to avoid all the inefficiencies from technological redundancies through a single, seamless, and secure UI. Below is the structure Citrix leverages to ensure a good hybrid implementation:

Unify work: Whether at home, on plane or in an office, employees have consistent and reliable access to all the resources they need to be productive across any work channel, device or location.

Secure work: Contextual access and app security, ensure applications and information remain secure — no matter where work happens.

Simplify work: Intelligence capabilities like machine learning, virtual assistants and simplified workflows personalize, guide, and automate the work experience so employees can work free from noise and perform at their best.

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Zero Trust: Citrix Secure Private Access

Zero Trust: Citrix Secure Private Access
Zero Trust Citrix Secure Private Access header

In today’s hybrid environment, traditional enterprise architecture and security models are not up to standard when faced with the accompanying complex application-security requirements it brings. Companies are now shifting towards SaaS while maintaining their enterprise apps inside their datacenters. This is so that data is more accessible to their users as they collaborate through remote work solutions while still keeping their important applications within their network perimeter.

However, this approach makes the IT environment more complex and challenging when it comes to keeping it secure and easy to manage. Allowing non-compliant or unauthorized devices into your network in favor of BYOD for hybrid work opens up your network to more security risks. This is made evident in the past few years as more cyberattacks have been focused on users rather than businesses.

The common risks and challenges that businesses face can be summarized below:

  • Cyberthreat Risks: Siloed point products cannot provide broad protection against cyberattacks
  • Poor Experience: High latency to access applications when backhauling traffic thought the datacenter
  • Complex Management: Multiple complex and hard-to-manage siloed technologies
  • Too Much Work: Overwhelmed IT staff due to rapid usage and high dependency on VPN
  • Slow Cloud Adoption: Complexity of transitioning to a cloud/multi-cloud architecture
  • Expensive: Overspending on siloed, redundant, and disjointed security technology increases costs

Citrix Secure Private Access

Zero Trust Citrix Secure Private Access summary

Knowing all of the above challenges, Citrix developed a Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) security solution that focused on solving them. Secure Private Access is a cloud delivered ZTNA service with capabilities such as adaptive authentication and adaptive access for web, SaaS, and TCP (e.g. SAP, Oracle) applications.

Traditional VPN solutions needed user devices to be managed to access the network which either used more resources then needed or had push back from users using BYOD. It also had the issues of allowing users more permissions or access than needed while having the additional downside of static access control policies. Citrix Secure Private Access on the other hand, allows your IT team a set of security controls to protect against BYOD and limiting the access of users to IT-sanctioned apps. Security policy options can also be applied to devices whether they are a company issued device or a BYO device.

Secure Private Access was not Citrix’s first foray into the ZTNA space as it was preceded by Secure Workspace Access. The main difference is that Citrix has updated its technologies to better handle the current business needs for a ZTNA solution. Below are key features that Secure Private Access has that Secure Workspace Access does not have:

ZTNA to all IT sanctioned applications

Zero Trust Citrix Secure Private Access ztna

As stated above, Citrix Secure Private Access expands its ZTNA to applications running on TCP and UDP- based protocols. A feature not seen in the previous Citrix Workspace access which primarily focused on browser-based applications. This feature allows your IT to apply ZTNA to your business applications whether they are deployed on-premise or in the public cloud even if they are not going through Citrix Workspace.

Adaptive authentication, user risk score, SSO, and enhanced security

Zero Trust Citrix Secure Private Access new

Citrix Secure Private Access can scan end-users devices and then give them a risk score. It then uses this as a basis before it allows any sessions to be established between your network and the device. Risk score is based on the user’s identity, geolocation, and the device-posture assessment. IT then can define how they want users to authenticate and authorize their access to the business application. This gives IT to control the actions users can take within the applications and can be implemented on all sanctioned applications, including Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop service customers.

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Tech Talk: What is an Application Delivery Controller?

Tech Talk: What is an Application Delivery Controller?
What is an Application Delivery Controller header

IT Complexity is becoming an issue talked about more due to the multitude of new technologies being introduced into business infrastructure. However, when implementing these new technologies, IT teams must consider if performance to the network can become adversely affected. This is why solutions like an Application Delivery Controller (ADC) can help drastically improve a businesses IT Infrastructure. With its mix of both security and performance features, it is built to reduce the IT complexity of businesses.

ADC solutions isn’t new, it’s been out in the market for a while but has been constantly improved over time. Recently however, vendors talk more on its security features rather than its network performance capabilities. This is due to the recent trend of pushing more security centric products to the market due to increased cyber security risks. However, the networking capabilities of ADC solutions such as Citrix ADC can help businesses improve even if you factor the security out.

Citrix ADC Networking Capabilities

What is an Application Delivery Controller acceleration

There are many ways in which an ADC can help improve your network, below are a few in which Citrix ADC specializes in to create a better user experience for your business:

Application Acceleration

Citrix ADC can boost the performance of web applications through multiple methods. One way is by using caching and compression. By creating a cache of high traffic data in your network, it lessens the number of requests that your servers have to handle at any given time. This also follows with large media connected to certain https, it may cause a delay once requested to download. This is due to the servers needing to compress the traffic for an easier transfer and also to encrypt the file. This is where the ADC as well can help simplify the process as it takes the task rather than the server needing to use resources.

High Availability

What is an Application Delivery Controller availability

It is important for businesses to experience as little to no downtime as possible. This is to ensure that the business operations and efficiency is not compromised. Citrix ADC’s high availability feature helps companies experience as little downtime or disruptions by through features such Load Balancing or Surge Protection. By allocating requests to healthier servers, it can ensure that your users experience as little disruption to their work as possible. Surge protection protects the servers from being overwhelmed by an increased amount of requests by allocating the requests by only what the server can handle at a steady rate to prevent slow downs to the server.

Performance and Offloading

What is an Application Delivery Controller performance

Another feature of the ADC solution is that it can help offload requests from your servers to the ADC solution. Offloading SSL requests can help improve the bandwidth usage of your business. Citrix ADC also handles multiple requests through a single connection to lessen the number of requests a server has to respond to. Combine this with its feature as well to compress the webpages to simplify and compress the requested data, performance improves significantly.

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Webinar: Deliver a better, more secure experience for any user, anywhere

Webinar: Deliver a better, more secure experience for any user, anywhere

Your business operates differently today. There are new requirements, new challenges such as:

Through Citrix SASE, learn how you can create a modern architecture for the cloud and mobile-first era that:

Join us on our upcoming webinar this coming June 3, 2021, 10:00AM – 11:00AM and together, let us discover how we can maximize performance, minimize risk and enable workforce productivity, anywhere, on any device.

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About Citrix

Citrix is a global technology company that provides solutions to enable secure and efficient remote access to applications and data, as well as collaboration and networking solutions to organizations of all sizes. With its headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Citrix has a strong presence in over 100 countries around the world and serves customers in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, financial services, government, and education.

Citrix was founded in 1989 by Ed Iacobucci, a former IBM executive, with the goal of making it easier for people to access computing resources from remote locations. The company’s first product, Citrix Multiuser, allowed multiple users to access a single application simultaneously, which was a breakthrough at the time. Today, Citrix offers a wide range of products and services that help businesses optimize their IT infrastructure and provide a seamless and secure user experience.

One of Citrix’s core offerings is the Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops platform, which provides virtualized access to Windows, web, and SaaS applications from any device or location. This platform enables IT administrators to centrally manage and secure applications and data, while providing employees with the flexibility to work from anywhere on any device. The platform also includes Citrix Workspace, which is a unified experience that allows users to access all their apps and files from a single location.

In addition to its virtualization products, Citrix also offers collaboration and communication solutions, such as Citrix ShareFile, which is a secure file sharing and storage platform that allows teams to collaborate on documents and files in a secure and compliant manner. Citrix also provides networking solutions, such as Citrix ADC (Application Delivery Controller), which optimizes application performance and security in complex hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Secure your Hybrid Workforce with Citrix Secure Internet Access

Secure your Hybrid Workforce with Citrix Secure Internet Access

The landscape of business in the Philippines has changed. Despite some offices slowly resuming to normalcy, many are now still more open to allowing a hybrid or even pure remote work schedule. This increase of remote work has helped increased mobility but could have security implications if not addressed properly.

Remote workers may be connecting to cloud-hosted or SaaS applications with commodity Internet. This scenario lacks consistent, fast and secure access to applications. There may even be some cases when employees often disconnect from their VPN clients when accessing web and SaaS applications which leaves them unprotected and vulnerable to threats.

Hence, security measures can be increased by backhauling the traffic to the data center to mitigate these threats. However, these can come at the cost of application performance as it bottlenecks traffic.

The challenge of remote access is balancing the user experience and security. Users want to be able to access applications through any device at any time. To create an environment to facilitate this while maintaining corporate security standards is required.

This is where Citrix Secure Internet Access (SIA) can help. It offers a comprehensive, cloud-delivered security architecture to protect your users, regardless of their location.

Network Security for Remote Access

Citrix SIA can secure all access to your Internet and SaaS apps. Web applications such as Google Drive, Salesforce, LinkedIn, Workday, YouTube, Facebook or even just Internet browser traffic are within the scope of SIA’s securing capabilities. It does this through the following:

Inspect all Internet traffic

Personal devices are great for user experience but do not have the safety mechanisms found in corporate devices. Threat actors take advantage of this through Internet browsing or SaaS traffic as they use compromised devices. By allowing a proxy to inspect all incoming traffic, it greatly reduces the risk of malicious attacks to your network through a multitude of security checks before it reaches your datacenter.

Allowing the proxy to do this also allows it to focus more on load balancing requests which results in a better user experience. This is crucial as the increased number of requests coming from outside the network will typically need to do both security checks and grant access requests, which results to a bottleneck that slows down performance.

Block malware attacks to the network

By leveraging Citrix SIA’s database of known threats, detecting malicious activities becomes faster and remediations to it are applied sooner. Website access can also be allowed or blocked by comparing requested URLs with a filtering database that is defined per organizational policy.

Malware is a big factor when considering a security solution, as knowing what kind of attack on your system is a big advantage when you are inspecting incoming traffic. This is something that can save your business time and expenses in the long run.

Isolate new and unknown threats through sandbox

When considering the nature of threats, there will come a time when your security check will encounter a threat not part of any known database. This is something to be expected as many new threats are being made everyday and updates don’t come fast enough to the database. Citrix SIA handles this through sandboxing suspicious traffic or files. By isolating the suspicious activity or file in a simulated environment, you allow your network to test in real time what could happen in the real environment through simulation. This can help determine the nature of the suspicious file or activity and greatly minimize the risk it would have to your network.

Provide secure direct Internet access for better user experience

With Citrix SIA acting as the proxy for the data center to ensure these security policies are enforced, users will be able to directly access the Internet and SaaS applications instead. This greatly improves the response time of applications and Internet browsing experience.

Companies no longer have to route their user’s Internet traffic back to their data center for security checks to prevent users from accessing potentially dangerous or unproductive web pages that can cause sub-optimal performance for applications due to the roundabout way traffic is routed. With a direct Internet access, users remain consistently protected no matter where they are.

Consolidate your network security products for simplified management

Businesses have increased the number of security products implemented into their infrastructure over the years to address different security measures. However, these solutions can increase the complexity of your IT infrastructure because of the lack of visibility and scalability.

Citrix SIA can help consolidate your network security and monitor activities by providing you a single dashboard to monitor all network security which can be monitored through the cloud. It also is easily deployable to users needing no need for IT assistance while maintaining a simple and intuitive user interface. With a cloud-delivered architecture, you can easily scale up even as new applications, users or locations are added.

Click here and discover how to roll out secure browsers and isolate Internet browsing in your digital workspace.

Citrix SIA is just one service in a bigger solution offering that Citrix just launched. We will be discussing the other services within the Citrix SASE offering in other articles to come, so please look forward to it!


Protect users from browser based-attacks with Citrix Secure Workspace Access

Protect users from browser based-attacks with Citrix Secure Workspace Access

The way we work has changed. The imposed strict social distancing rules due to the global pandemic, combined with the growing representation of the digital-savvy millennials in the workforce were catalysts in moving organizations forward in their digital transformation journey to increase employee mobility.

However, this shift in workplace culture has increased the security risks brought about by the proliferation of BYO devices of employees that access resources via VPN. When not secured properly, these devices serve as additional entry points for cybercriminals to the organization’s network.

Key challenges in traditional security controls

Mishandling of data and misuse of network access have become a growing concern, increasing the demand for more control and visibility over the users’ granular access to permissions to data.

Threats that may come from malicious websites, such as spoofing web conferencing sites, should be isolated from the corporate network to protect corporate data.

Employees may knowingly (or unknowingly) access restricted websites such as pornographic or social media web pages. The organization must block those attempts to protect its assets.

To address these challenges is a big step forward for organizations to improve their digital transformation journey. Although this is easier said than done, Citrix may have the answer to help you address these challenges.

Citrix Secure Workspace Access

The Citrix Secure Workspace Access service provides a unified experience by integrating single sign-on, remote access, and content inspection into a single solution for an end-to-end Secure Workspace Access. It does this by providing your administrators the ability to:

Configure a workspace to securely add, manage and deliver access to apps from any device

Configure web filtering to allow/block websites that can be accessed by the end-user

Isolate web browsing to protect the corporate network from browser-based attacks with no user device configuration needed

With these, administrators can rapidly roll out secure browsers, providing instant time-to-value. By isolating internet browsing, IT administrators can offer end users safe internet access without compromising enterprise security.

This is only the tip of what Citrix Secure Workspace Access can provide to your organization, if you would like to learn more, you may fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can!

Working Amid Enhanced Quarantine: Protect your Business from Disruptions and Keep Workforce Productivity

Working Amid Enhanced Quarantine: Protect your Business from Disruptions and Keep Workforce Productivity

With the Covid-19 impacting almost everyone, companies are reviewing their business continuity strategy during this unplanned disruption. To keep the business up and running, organizations must take a more comprehensive approach encompassing both organizational measures and technologies to minimize disruption, maintain security, and support uninterrupted productivity for users and teams. Best practices for a complete business continuity strategy should address business continuity team structure, business continuity planning, disaster recovery and business continuity testing, crisis communications, and employee safety and awareness programs.

Providing users with the experience they need, a secure digital workspace can grant seamless access to business apps and data on any device, over any network, hosted on-premises or in a public cloud. Contextual awareness allows just the right balance of security and flexibility for their current situation, without compromising corporate resources. Analytics and insights help IT maintain security, compliance, and threat protection wherever and however people work.

With Citrix, companies can be protected from consequences such as financial loss, damaged reputation, weakened customer and partner relationships, and lost productivity. The same secure digital workspace technology lets people connect with apps and data in both routine operations and emergency situations, using any device, network, or cloud. This makes it simple for people to do whatever their priorities dictate – whether to continue working normally, perform new tasks required by the event, or focus on the needs of their families and themselves, then resume work as circumstances allow.

Below are some ways that Citrix can help you improve your BC efforts:

Secure Access from Anywhere on Any Device

Allow your workforce to access their workspace from anywhere on any device using whatever available connection.

Data Stays in the Data Center

Through application virtualization, data is managed and stays in your data center. It also gives your IT the ability to limit user’s access to your network as well.

Provide IT Help Desk Support to WFH Users

Give your IT team full visibility, so that they can provide real-time analytics and resolve issues faster. Connect to your user’s session to help them resolve their IT issues.

To learn more about Ctirix’s solutions, you may send an email to or!

University Medical Center Groningen: Citrix Endpoint Management Case Study

University Medical Center Groningen: Citrix Endpoint Management Case Study

As one of the largest hospitals in the Netherlands, the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) boasts close to 11,000 employees and have a wide number of patients who come for various reasons.  May it be for basic care, specialized diagnostics or even examinations, the doctors, nurses, and support staff work to give their patients the best of their abilities.

The Challenge: Organizational adopting mobility

Usually, most sensitive care data would be placed in one secure safe.  However, with the industry growing with more specializations, data must be now shared to multiple people who need it like specialists, general practitioners, peripheral hospitals and even the patient themselves.  Even employees are now becoming more mobile and not just working in the hospital but working even on the move or at home using their own devices.  These can cause security risks for UMCG if not properly addressed.

The Solution: Citrix Endpoint Management

UMCG has been a long user of Citrix solutions, they have been using Xendesktop (now known as Virtual Desktop) on thin clients before they considered Citrix as a way to alleviate their current problems.  To help solve their current issue, they are looking to use Citrix Endpoint Management (Formerly Xenmobile) and Citrix Sharefile.  With the use of Citrix Endpoint Management, UMCG was able to lower their investments, let them have a better picture of their environment while giving them more flexibility.  They were even given the preference to have their Citrix Endpoint management housed in their own data center. This is crucial for safety and redundancy to ensure its continuity and performance as it is a business-critical system with 5000 mobile devices.

With so many devices, not all of them would be feasible to be company owned.  Therefore, UMCG has opted to use Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) structure.  However, to ensure that the network is secured, UMCG has imposed if they were to choose a BYOD then they would need to install a Citrix Agent on said device to ensure that Citrix can manage the security of the network.

To UMCG, the Citrix mobility solution achieved their goal of making their information as available and consistent as possible. It helped isolate data to ensure that their data was secured in a sandbox environment while also giving them a simplistic approach to manage their mobile devices.  This worked well since they were already existing Citrix customers, making the integration process smoother.

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