What scares you?

You always have a readily available copy so losing or having a corrupted file doesn’t bother you.

You are prepared to roll back even if your machine suddenly stops working.

Your system goes down, but you are not a bit worried since you are prepared with another one to keep your operation going.

Your site completely fell underwater, but you are equipped with a DR site that you can instantly power up to keep the business running no matter what.

Of course, you are prepared to address any scenario that may happen with your business data, or even your entire infrastructure, so what scares you?


No matter if you lose a single file or your entire server, you can easily retrieve it or spin up your system on a single appliance in a matter of minutes, fully utilizing your resources while ensuring that you keep doing what you must do uninterrupted.

Even when your infrastructure keeps on stressing you out with successive failures, with this hybrid solution, you are provided with multiple ways to get your system running, sourcing either the on-prem appliance or the Cloud to fill in for your production while you work on your machine with no pressure.

And when everything else fails you, this solution never will. No matter what happens, you can continue your business as usual with this total data protection platform, giving you business continuity as you need it.