Backup as a Service

backup as a service

We all know the value of a backup. However, most companies do not subscribe to a Backup as a Service solution. This shows in a recent study that almost 90% of people have a backup in place. However, 68% of them admitted that despite their backup, they still experienced loss of data. This was due to a lack of manpower and resources to maintain and operate an up-to-date backup system.

IT personnel are also under tremendous pressure during cases of downtime. To prevent data loss from ransomware and other server downtimes, recovery needs to be quick. Having a partner’s help during these times can reduce the work stress and speed up the time to recover. Giving your team peace of mind to work on other tasks that keep your business running. CT Link’s backup as a service aims to help solve these issues.

CT Link Backup Managed Services works closely with your team to do the following:

backup as a service flowchart
identifying resources to protect

Identify systems to be protected.

When implementing backup, the first step is to identify what data, apps, and files need to be protected that is crucial to your business operations. CT Link works closely with your company to establish what in your business needs to be protected and we also advise you on best practices

retention policies

Define backup and retention policies.

After identifying what is business critical, CT Link classifies and segments the data, files, or apps on how long they need to be kept or archived. This is to get a clear picture on how much storage is required when designing your backup solution.

resource management and recovery

Establish available resources and strategy for recovery.

Once the framework is designed, CT Link works to establish a proper execution plan in which should be followed in case of unforeseen data loss. These would be based on your available resources and how they should be used to efficiently so that other operations will not be affected. The plan is then put into practice and tested thoroughly to ensure that when the need arises, no problems will occur on recovery.

proactive management

Proactive management of customer’s backup.

Once the foundation is set, CT Link works tirelessly to ensure your backup solution is running smoothly and reliably. This is done through the following steps:

  • Daily monitoring of backups based on schedule.
    • Verification of backup integrity to ensure recoverability.
    • Hardware and resource monitoring (not applicable if cloud resources).
    • Subscription/license monitoring.

Consultation with customer on recommended settings based on the results of monitoring.

problem issue management

Problem/Issue Management.

Once problems are identified either by the client or through our daily monitoring, CT Link takes the following steps into making sure that we swiftly resolve them:

  • Identifying severity of issues encountered
    • Proactive resolution on problems encountered during monitoring (even if the customer did not report any issue)

Taking immediate actions once support request is received, with consideration on response time based on the severity of the issue.


Documentation (all activities must be documented/recorded)

For transparency and peace of mind, CT Link ensures that all actions taken, whether they are proactive or requested, are well documented. This is also to help your decisions and analysis for future actions that you might want to take when evaluating what you want to do moving forward.