Long Term Retention and Protection of Patient Records

Data is the corner stone of all businesses. It is important to ensure that your business data is archived and protected to ensure it is available when needed. This is especially true for industries like healthcare. Without proper access to patient data, doctors run the risk of missing crucial information when diagnosing or treating their patients. This is why it is important for health organizations like hospitals to be able to save their patient records for an indefinite period of time. They also need to ensure that these records are safe from threats like malware that can corrupt the data or accidental deletion from human error.

Inefficient Patient Record Archiving

Healthcare organizations need to keep their patient records for an indefinite period. The importance of knowing the patient’s medical history can make all the difference when doctor’s diagnose illnesses. However, archiving data can be costly due to the space requirements needed to store the data but also to keep a backup of it in case of corruption or mishandling of the data.

Growing Concern from Ransomware

Threat actors have been increasing the attacks on companies with ransomware during the start of the pandemic. Despite the increase of sophistication of security solutions, many attackers still take advantage of human error to infiltrate networks with ransomware. This can be a costly event when it does happen. Either from losing your data or having to pay a hefty ransom (sometimes both), many businesses have shut down due to this.

Protecting your Data with a Backup solution

Using backup solutions, you can heavily mitigate the risk of data loss through corruption and mishandling. Patient records can be stored for an indefinite amount of time and can be safely stored either on the cloud, on-premise device or both. This by doing so you can have the peace of mind knowing that in the case of a disaster, you can recover at a reasonable time and keep your operations running. Backup solutions are also the best way for you to recover from attacks such as ransomware. Through backup, you can restore your system to before the attack happened to ensure that your data is not lost to the attackers. The solution itself also acts as a last layer of defense of detecting ransomware before it is uploaded to avoid getting infected.

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