Your Reliable Office 365 Backup

Unitrends Cloud backup for office 365 provides a complete and automatic protection that is tailor made for Microsoft SaaS applications while also removes the possible loss of data due to system crashes or accidental deletions.  Unitrends provides complete protection on your SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, and OneDrive (emails, files, contacts, and more) by providing multiple snapshots of your files daily to ensure fast, self-service restore with unlimited retention.


Why we need to back up our files on office 365

Contrary to the popular belief, moving to the cloud doesn’t necessarily mean your data can’t be lost.  According to a 2013 study by Aberdeen group, about 32% of companies have lost data in the cloud, and with more companies adapting cloud-based applications we can expect the number to most likely have increased.  Data lost in the cloud are most commonly lost by user error, malicious deletion, hackers, third-party software, or closing an account.


Is default archiving the same as backing up?

While the archive feature of Microsoft can help you retain your files, it’s still not as effective as keeping an actual back up of your files.  Firstly, archiving does not help in the case of accidental deletion of your data by the user.  Archiving also has a slower recovery time compared to Unitrends, features such as In-Place Archiving and Litigation Hold take so much time that restoring the email can be cost prohibitive.  Files on SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business are also not natively protected from Microsoft other than restoring from your Recycling Bin.  With Unitrends, you can keep those files protected while also doing so in seconds rather than hours or even days.


How is the recovery process and is it secure?

Recovery is easy, fast and done by yourself.  You will be provided with access to an online user interface that lets you easily restore your data without our help (unless needed). With regards to security, Unitrends uses a per contact AES-256 encryption, backed by RSA 2048-bit public private key certificate.  Also, all data will be restored only on the original mailbox or site to prevent a non-owner to access the files.


To learn more about Unitrends, please contact us at 893 9515 and we will be happy to assist your business requirements!