5 Cybersecurity Tips For Small Businesses

5 Cybersecurity Tips For Small Businesses

What are some cybersecurity tips for small businesses?

  1. Start by improving cybersecurity awareness 
  2. Secure your emails
  3. Prioritize access control
  4. Back up your data regularly
  5. Rely on experts when it comes to cybersecurity

Some small business owners don’t prioritize cybersecurity because they think that attackers will prefer to target bigger companies. But with data theft and other attacks affecting businesses of all sizes, cybersecurity should become a priority for every organization. This article will explore some helpful tips on how to get started. Keep on reading for some cybersecurity tips for small businesses.

Start By Improving Cybersecurity Awareness

cybersecurity awareness

The first step in improving your organization’s cybersecurity is to be aware of the dangers. Cyberattacks come in many forms:

  • Malware is short for “malicious software” that targets files, computers, servers, networks, or clients. This is an umbrella term that encompasses various types of attacks — such as adware, file-less malware, viruses, worms, trojans, bots, ransomware, spyware, and more.
  • Social engineering attacks are malicious activities that use psychological manipulation to trick victims to perform a specific action — such as giving up sensitive information, providing fund transfers, and the like. Examples of this are phishing, pharming, business email compromise, diversion theft, and more.

Train your employees on cybersecurity measures and prevention. This includes double-checking links before clicking them, checking email addresses, and confirming requests face to face or via phone calls before sending funds. Make sure to conduct cybersecurity seminars regularly.  

Secure Your Emails

cybersecurity secure email

The majority of business communications are done through emails. But at the same time, email is also one of the most common attack vectors for criminals. Because important business information — such as sales reports, contact information, and more — are found in emails, securing it is vital. One wrong click can introduce malware into the system or cause a data breach. 

To secure your emails, make sure that your employees know the best anti-phishing practices. Create strong and unique passwords for email accounts. It’s best to have Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) turned on to add another layer of defense to your email accounts.

Prioritize Access Control

Cybersecurity Tips For Small Businesses access control

A criminal will only need an open door to infiltrate your business network. A compromised account is all they need to have access to all your important data and resources. Limit the possible entryways by controlling access to your systems. 

This is where Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) can help you. It’s based on Zero Trust security, which focuses on authenticating, authorizing, and continuously validating all users — whether inside or outside the organization’s network. This model allows your organization to restrict access controls to applications, data, networks, and environments while improving user performance and experience.

Through ZTNA, you can secure remote access to private applications and limit user access. All requests are first verified before granting permission and only the least privilege is given to get work done. This way, you can improve the security of your data, minimize the attack surface, limit malware propagation, and more.

Back-Up Your Data Regularly

Cybersecurity Tips For Small Businesses backup

Keep your files and applications safe by performing regular backups. Without your most important resources safely stored, you might have difficulty continuing operations after an incident of data loss. This could happen due to human error, theft, software corruption, viruses, and more.

If you’re looking for backup solutions, you can try the Unitrends EndPoint Back Up. This features a continuous file and folder backup as long as you have an internet connection. If an accidental deletion happens, you can use the point-in-time rollback to restore the files.

Rely On Experts When It Comes To Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Tips For Small Businesses rely on experts

As your business continues to grow, so will your IT and cybersecurity needs. Your existing team might not have the knowledge and experience to solve certain problems. It can be difficult to manage the tasks needed to improve your cybersecurity if you’re short on the manpower or lack the expertise to do so. This is where IT experts can help you.

To protect your data and applications and improve your cybersecurity posture, you can rely on an expert such as CT Link. 

CT Link is an IT solutions provider based in the Philippines. Our company is always evolving our solutions, so they are well-versed even in new technologies in the IT landscape. 

Aside from providing the best cybersecurity solutions, they can also offer the following services:

  • Zero Trust Service
  • Backup as A Service
  • Endpoint Security Service
  • Email Security Service

Key Takeaway

It’s easy to think that you can neglect your cybersecurity because you won’t be targeted by attackers. But no matter the size of the business, criminals will find ways to steal your important data and finances. This is why it’s important to become proactive when it comes to securing your data and resources.

If you still need cybersecurity tips for small businesses, you can contact us here at CT Link! We can discuss your requirements and help you choose the solutions that will solve your current problems. We have partnered with the best brands to provide you with the best IT solutions. Combined with our technical expertise, we can help you implement these solutions with ease.