Trend Micro Presents Two Major Awards to CT Link Systems for FY15 Champion Performance

Trend Micro Presents Two Major Awards to CT Link Systems for FY15 Champion Performance

September 27, 2016 — Trend Micro, on its Partner Day celebration held at 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub in Century City Mall, presented CT Link Systems, Inc. with two major awards:  FY15 User Protection Champion and FY15 Network Defense Champion.

The FY15 User Protection Champion Award is given to CT Link Systems for its major contributions in providing customers Trend Micro Endpoint Security solutions, which include:

  • OfficeScan – Protects physical and virtual desktops against malware
  • Vulnerability Protection – Blocks exploits and zero-day threats thru intelligent virtual patching
  • Data Loss Prevention – Guards private data and intellectual property
  • ServerProtect – Provides Server Security for Windows Server, Linux and Novell Netware
  • EndPoint Application Control – Prevents unwanted and unknown application execution
  • EndPoint Encryption – Protects PCs, USB devices and removable media thru Full Disk and Files/Folders encryption
  • Mobile Security – Fully integrated mobile device management
  • InterScan Messaging Security – On-premise E-Mail Gateway Security
  • ScanMail – Blocks viruses, spam, phishing and other email threats on Microsoft Exchange and IBM Domino mail servers
  • Cloud App Security – Security for Office 365, Dropbox and Box
  • InterScan Web Security – Secure Web Gateway that provides complete visibility and control of web activity
  • PortalProtect for Microsoft Sharepoint – Secures collaborations by blocking malicious links and scans both files and web components of SharePoint

Trend Micro also awarded CT Link Systems as  FY15 Network Defense Champion and acknowledged the major contributions of CT Link Systems in providing Trend Micro Deep Discovery solutions to customers.

Trend Micro Deep Discovery enables users to detect, analyze and respond to today’s stealthy ransomware and targeted attacks in real time. Deep Discovery provides protection against proven ransomware and advanced threat. It interoperates and integrates with user’s security infrastructure. With Deep Discovery, users will have a comprehensive defense tailored to protect their organization against targeted attacks, advanced threats and ransomware.

For more information on Trend Micro solutions and products, please contact CT Link Systems at 893-9515.