Improve workplace Productivity with Microsoft Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics!

Improve workplace Productivity with Microsoft Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics!

Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics and MyAnalytics leverage data to improve workplace productivity

Do you have trouble multitasking your work tasks such as meetings, appointments and other projects?  If you do, Microsoft things that its data analytics tools may help you juggle these tasks.  They have just recently announced that it will be enhancing their productivity insight products, Workplace Analytics for teamwork and MyAnalytics, so that they may better help put individuals and teams at the center of change.


Microsoft has said “Collaboration habits can make or break teamwork, when people run efficient meetings, create time for focused work, and respect work/life boundaries their teams thrive. Putting these habits in place is difficult and takes the support of the entire team. Data can create a common language to help members build consensus on important teamwork norms. By shedding light on how work actually gets done, organizations can build more efficient, creative, and engaged teams.”

Workplace Analytics

Through applied algorithms, Workplace Analytics uses data (emails, meetings, etc.) from Office 365 to identify patterns that affect your productivity, workplace effectiveness, and engagements.  This allows upper management to enroll their respective team members into programs that will help them gain beneficial habits such as setting aside time to do solo projects or bring agendas to meetings.   This helps the team progress toward their goals and tracking it overtime while giving members productivity insights and action plans through Office 365.

MyAnalytics nudges

Besides the updates of Workplace Analytics, Microsoft has also announced an update for MyAnalytics, an insight app for Outlook, called “nudges” which is a collection of collaboration tips which surface in your inbox periodically.  There are four kinds nudges:

Focus Time Nudge

Reminds you to set aside time for focused work before accepting new meetings or appointments

Effective Meeting Nudge

Encourages you to practice good meeting habits such as asking a coworker to fill in for your if your schedule is too hectic.

After-hours Nudge

Discourages you from sending emails after office hours

To-do and Unread email Nudge

Will remind you of tasks you have set for yourself or promised to complete for your team members

Workplace Analytics is now available on preview and MyAnalytics will be available soon.  To learn more about Office 365, please visit our product page or call us at 893-9515 and we will be happy to help!