How Microsoft Office 365 is Helping Small Businesses Grow

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Around 90 percent of all businesses are small and medium businesses (SMBs) worldwide. They account for almost 44 percent of the global gross domestic product of all businesses. SMBs can be considered the lifeblood of the global community, even more so here in the Philippines. While the past few years have been challenging for SMBs, there have also been sign of growth and opportunity in the space. Microsoft has seen the potential of the SMBs and have been striving to help them succeed through solutions like Microsoft Office 365.

Creating ways to do more with less with Microsoft Office 365

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Pressures in the economy are forcing companies of all sizes to strive for growth while maintaining a low costs. Microsoft Office 365 helps SMBs achieve this by centralizing your business technologies in to one easy to access application. It enables your team to use multiple business apps like PowerPoint, Excel, and Word to boost productivity at an affordable price.

Microsoft Office 365 Provides SMBs a complete solution

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Historically, SMBs had to rely on multiple solutions, of which none were ideal for their unique needs. Microsoft 365 gives SMBs the solutions together in one integrated experience that delivers on the power of the cloud. This enables employees to be able to work from anywhere while also keeping the costs relatively low. It is a cost-effective, secure cloud solution that includes all the tools needed by SMBs to grow their business, reach new customers, and provides a way for employees to collaborate.

Enabling SMBs to Create Documents, Meet, Call, and Chat Securely


Microsoft Office 365 is full of applications that your users are already familiar with. These applications include all the office staples like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. In addition, these tools can now be accessed in real time by your team to be able to collaborate on certain documents through the cloud. Other added benefits would include access to Microsoft Teams which can be used to do chat-based messaging or audio/video calls.

Microsoft Office 365 also keeps your business security in mind when enabling these collaboration features. Microsoft 365 helps safeguard devices and data from cyber threats with built-in security features. The basic package includes access control and email protection while the Business Premium includes more advanced security features that have minimum impact to IT complexity.

Microsoft Office 365 Customer Success Stories

Office Success Stories

Below are a few success stories of how Microsoft 365 has helped some SMBs grow their business the past few years:

  • At Tony’s Chocolonely, the team found new ways to keep employees connected with virtual book clubs, themed weekly meetings like “flip-flop formal Friday,” and fitness classes—all running on Teams as a part of the Microsoft 365 solution.
  • 1083, a sustainable jeans and sneakers manufacturer, leveraged Microsoft 365 and Teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively, internally and externally, while the platform’s embedded security features helped ensure that communications were highly secure.
  • Rodel Financial Services realized the benefits of a unified, easily managed environment from Microsoft apps, services, device management, and information protection. It replaced a disjointed on-premises environment with Microsoft 365 Business Premium, helping South African businesses and their own bottom line to flourish.

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